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What's new - 2015

I am still updating my homepage although I've been very busy with work and with my studies/activities.

The aim of this homepage is to share knowledge and experiences with people from all over the world. Knowledge is a precious thing, a lot more important than money and alike.

It really doesn't matter the religious, political or philosophical stand of individuals. What matters is what they are inside and how they interact with other persons/beings.

I have spent most of my life angry at God, looking for the answers and my role in this local Universe. Life has been a long, lonely road.

I am certain that some content here may help mankind to progress, which is the purpose of life according to Professor MOB.

Like Socrates said: "I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world". I would add: "I am a citizen of the Universe" because, with the help of the space brothers and some earthlings, we can improve ourselves in our path to become "Cosmic Men".

As usual, I have been revising all the text to make it as perfect as possible avoiding redundancy and such. I stand for excellence as I am after "refinement" and "betterment" like my friend Glenn Steckling suggested when we met personally in Lisbon in 2005.


  • Updated just about everything in my homepage.