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V3.0 build 97 - 10.Apr.2016 (beta)
© 2013-2016 Marco A.G.Pinto and Community Contributors.
Freely distributable/modifiable under the Apache License 2.0.
The logo was designed by Pedro Marques.
The software icons are from OpenOffice.
en_GB Dictionary:
I am improving the British speller for Mozilla and AOO/LO.

- Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey) (2.41)
- AOO (OpenOffice) (2.40)
- LO (LibreOffice) (2.40)

- English Dictionaries Project


- WORDLIST (161'590 words - 710 new)

Version: 2.41
Updated: 1.Oct.2016

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PTG - About:

An open-source tool coded in PureBasic for editing the Dictionary/Thesaurus/Hyphenation/Autocorrect files of OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, provided they are in UTF-8 format.

This program was originally developed to easily edit the synonyms of OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

I had this idea after asking to the persons in charge of the pt_PT project, from Minho University in Portugal, what I should do to suggest synonyms since only suggested words for the Portuguese speller were added.

I was told that they didn't know how to add synonyms since the guy in charge of that project left it long-ago (2006).

Later, I wanted to make it compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird, after it became possible to edit dictionaries. I hoped that in the future someone would use it in Thunderbird and fix the en_GB speller which was full of typos and missing words. Since no one volunteered, I took this task myself.

This is where my idea came from: develop something easy to use since I tried some official tools for the tasks and I didn't understand anything on them, not even how to use them.

My tool is so intuitive that even a 6-year-old kid can use it.

On 25.Aug.2013 I released a "forked" en_GB speller V2.00. The speller has been made available to OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. So far, I have added 25'186 words (as of V2.41).

PTG - Update:
I have removed V2.3 from the downloads since it is outdated and beta 3.0 is very stable and a lot better.

On build 83-86 (17.Nov.2015):
- Compiled with PB 5.40;
- The window now has a size of 800x480 instead of 640x480;
- Replaced the "Purge" button with "Erase";
- Added a "Goto" button;
- Cleaned the code a bit;
- Speeded up some operations;
- Better UTF-8 warnings;
- In the words editor replaced the ListIconGadget field "Position" with "Code Position".

On build 87-89 (9.Jan.2016):
- Compiled with PB 5.41;
- Added the tab to edit "Autocorrect" words.

In the "Autocorrect" please notice that:
The autocorrect files in AOO/LO are stored in the path:
$instdir/share/autocorr/acor_*.dat which are actually ZIP files containing the XML files.
Rename the .DAT files to .ZIP and extract the contents.
Using Notepad++ or other tool, format the DocumentList.xml so that it is in UTF-8 and it uses the structure (you can copy/paste this first line over the XML entry):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <block-list:block-list xmlns:block-list="">
<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="
incorrect1" block-list:name="correct1"/>
<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="
incorrect2" block-list:name="correct2"/>
<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="
incorrect3" block-list:name="correct3"/>
<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="
incorrect4" block-list:name="correct4"/>
    etc. (use lines like the previous)

Have in mind that you must have per line only one pair of incorrect/correct. I noticed that the .XML I edited had all the text in one single line, so use Notepad++ to create a return at the end of each line:

On build 90-94 (19.Feb.2016):
- Rewrote the Thesaurus part to use dynamic arrays. Now it is ultrafast in Windows and Linux;
- Added line numbers in grey before each word in the various ListIconGadgets;
- Small code improvements and fixes;
- Added menu options to Thesaurus and Autocorrect.
  Have in attention:
  1) "Unduplicate simple meanings" will work like this:

    will become:

    It won't work with columns:

  2) "Sort simple meanings" will work also line by line in the Thesaurus meanings.

On build 95 (2.Mar.2016):
- Compiled with PB 5.42 which fixed the crash merging duplicates (Windows only);
- Autocorrect:
  1) ListIconGadget now has colours (red/green);
  2) If converting the symbols it warns if it found a value above 65535 (PB limitation).

On build 96 (23.Mar.2016):
- Fix: .AFF would get garbage at the end because of a missing PB flag in PeekS;
- Added "#" to the first field of the ListIconGadgets.

On build 97 (10.Apr.2016):
Mauro Trevisan found a couple of bugs in the last release:
o Fix: Incorrect removing of spaces if spaces equals two while optimising the .AFF in cache:
   While FindString(derived_aff_nospaces$," ")
derived_aff_nospaces$=RemoveString(derived_aff_nospaces$,"  ")
derived_aff_nospaces$=ReplaceString(derived_aff_nospaces$,"  "," ")
This bug affected the pt_PT speller since it had extra morphologic information.
   I also believe it had to do with a recent optimisation I did in one of the last releases.
o Fix: While editing words, more than one prefix would show an incorrect "Code Position".

PTG - Known issues in Linux:
In PTG V3.0 build 90 I fixed the performance issue. I am using dynamic arrays to store the words instead of placing the whole list in ListIconGadgets, and I show the entries 11 words at a time. Most operations are ultrafast with the new code.

Please notice that there are some GTK3 issues in Linux, which I have reported in the PB forum, and have been told that the new GTK3/themes have issues. Thus I am using the Library Subsystem "gtk2" in the compiler in order to fix the issues.

PTG - Downloads:

- V3.0 build 97 (beta)
MANUAL (manual is outdated/unfinished)

Windows - 7/8/10
    x86 & x64 - Download
Extension used: ZIP
       SHA-512: B0F2C381D34E3C93F3FDF9B78537CB99ADA93914D624B223656727714AAFEB7D1CB217BED74E016858E5A3E16DC9D01646ED0D0D1ED60386CE63FA6B763502C0

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu - 14/15/16
    x86 & x64 -
Extension used:
       SHA-512: 45434AAF4D5158B1F2FD870B73B1E686FF7C1B4FBB95729C447B6838FE1F9CCF46AAE1CD08833DC0A5D0E12939EA0FC47CB02855A087A029B0242DA012E8DF5F

Mac OS - X
    x86 & x64 - N/A*

Extension used: DMG
       SHA-512: N/A

* If someone is able to compile my tool for this platform, I will add the files here.

PTG - Screenshots (V3.0 build 86):
  Windows 10



  Ubuntu 15.10



  Kubuntu 15.10



Last update: 1.Oct.2016