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I am very interested in aliens and UFOs and I had my first UFO contact when I was 7 years old: when I was a kid I saw a rectangular UFO here in Portugal in a city named Tercena in the private school where I studied and, with me, there were other kids. Even my brother told me that he was there and saw it too. The UFO was a rectangular object with a small rectangular red light going on and off and it moved right to left very slowly and silent. It was night (probably Winter) and the object was not very far away from us. Around 1999 I went to visit the old private school and took photos of the place and I am sharing here the best photo.

(photo of the sighting place taken around 1999)

It is just a question of time until the truth regarding Extraterrestrials is known to the world and, once that happens, we will assist to the downfall of religions and lots of changes will happen to the world and we will progress a lot. I belong to the kind of group of individuals and organisations that want the truth above all and we don't fall for the lies told to us by governments, which will do anything to prevent the progress of mankind and keep values such as money and power look the most important ones. The governments try to hide the truth from us but, one day, it will stop and the world will know. I believe that the truth is out there and not inside of us, and that with the help of higher beings we could reach part of the truth since for 1000s of years that the aliens study the Universes and everything within.

Many people say: "There is no such thing as aliens. I will only believe after I see for myself". Yet, they believe in God who they never saw and never will. It is because most people on Earth lack a great amount of intelligence that we still aren't officially in contact with the aliens. People don't want to progress… they are too concerned about their little miserable and meaningless lives that they can't or don't want to see that there is more out there… If they really wanted they could make Earth a Heaven, but they don't want. The Universes are very vast, how can someone even think that we could be alone with so many star systems and planets around? I am stuck on Earth with stupid brainless people and I feel like I don't belong here… I feel I was born to travel through space and interact with many alien races To be limited to this planet is very annoying. There should be given a chance for people to decide whether to stay or leave the planet.

The coming of the aliens should bring Earth at least:
   a) Friendship;
   b) Knowledge;
   c) Technology.

Planet Earth is surrounded by huge amounts of spaceships, some bigger than whole countries. The reason why we can't see the ships is because they are in a different dimension (or density) than our. Yes, I am talking about multidimensional spaceships piloted by multidimensional beings who have the technology to shift between dimensions. We, human beings on Earth, belong to the 3rd dimension and things in dimensions above our cannot be seen or touched and can coexist in the same physical space. This makes possible the theory in which multiple Universes may exist. The higher the dimension the less physical mass the beings there have and higher is the vibration of the particles and, in some dimensions, we have beings made entirely of energy. Earth is visited by many 100s of alien races.

The aliens come at least from one of the following places:
   a) Other planets;
   b) Other dimensions;
   c) Inside the Earth;
   d) Underwater;
   e) Time travellers.

If governments, instead of spending money in military programs and weaponry, would apply it to spacial technology, we could have spaceships just like in Star Trek. Wars are wrong and all mankind should live in everlasting peace and harmony.

(photo dated from 13.Mar.2015)

In 1998 I initialised "Project Contact" with the purpose of contacting the aliens at any cost, even if I had to be implanted and become an experiment for them. Since a few months before the end of 1998 that I started calling the aliens every night many dozens of times in the hope that they might capture my brain waves and decide to pay me a little physical visit. The list of the aliens I was calling did change during time. I even started calling the aliens from inside Lucid Dreams, Lucid Experiences and OBEs in the hope of getting different brain waves. Download my book "Project Contact" available from the Downloads page on my homepage.


Area 51:

In the US there is a place called "Area 51" (also known as Groom Lake) in Nevada where the US government develops and tests new military aircraft.

It is said that they use alien technology in the new aircraft since they have there lots of crashed (and shot down) UFOs and even some dead and alive alien beings.

It is also said that there are underground facilities with many floors.

Everyone knew that "Area 51" was real but only President Bill Clinton revealed it to the world before that, the US government denied it even though for decades that there are photos of it.

The US has 50 states. "Area 51" is the 51st state and each state has its own rules. That is why they named it "Area 51".

After the Roswell incident in New Mexico back in 1947, the US government created a secret group named "Majestic 12" with the purpose of hiding information from the public regarding the UFO phenomena and also cause disinformation.

(Photo, courtesy of James Carrion from MUFON — 2.Jan.2009)

UFO organisations I am member of:
I am currently a member of two important UFO organisations, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and SPO (Sociedade Portuguesa de Ovnilogia). I am the Portuguese Translator and Representative for MUFON and I even have the "MUFON Field Investigator's Manual":



About MUFON:
Founded in 1969, the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) is a non-profit corporation dedicated, through its volunteers, to resolving the scientific enigma known collectively as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).


The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity through investigation, research & education.

I. Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide;

II. Promote Research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet;

III. Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.



About SPO:
The SPO was born in a meeting which took place on the 9th of February 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The founding of a research association of the UFO phenomena, dedicated to a serious and with a scientific root goal.

I. Gather evidence of the UFO phenomena in Portuguese territory;

II. Use the scientific method, place and test hypothesis which may help reveal the nature of that phenomena;

III. Promote a serious, objective and factual approach of the UFO phenomena;

IV. Divulge the results of the investigations;

V. Promote a national and international
dialogue of the subject.

The beginning of my contacts with the aliens:
My contact with aliens, according to notes I wrote down, started on 18.Oct.1998 during sleep. Somewhere during the morning (still night) I was in bed having realistic dreams (knowing they were dreams) when suddenly I remembered that I had asked a telepath (and not only him) from the USA who said to be in contact with the aliens to set up a meeting. I started thinking: "What if they come now that is dark?". I got into panic. A little later I felt the sheets of my bed being all pulled down. I opened my eyes and saw an alien face in front of me looking at me. A yellow brightness was coming out of him. I started yelling but then I remembered: "But it was me who wanted this" so I told him I was sorry for yelling. I looked at my right side to see if I had awakened my brother and there was an alien next to him looking at his face. I then felt my body floating up in the air… and it ALL ENDED… I sat on bed with a smiling face, looked at the clock and it was 6:30am.

This experience was extremely real and, for many months and years, I still questioned myself about how real it had been. It is possible that, when I was much younger, I had more contacts since I remember strange things happening during sleep and also feeling pain in my teeth several times.

One year after my first contact, 12.Sep.1999, I had another possible visitation. I started hearing a buzzing, gained consciousness during sleep and start calling the beings of light. I opened my eyes and saw a small pinkish alien floating above me and I got very scared and my whole body got solid as a rock with all the fear and I could hardly move.

On 8.Apr.2000 I was in bed sleeping in a conscious state and I received a telepathic message in English which consisted more or less of the following: "We could not visit you in your house but we visited you in the house of your compassion. We placed an implant in your mouth in a place where the CIA, nor the FBI nor the dentist can find it". When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it was

The year 2000 was when the visitations started becoming a routine. I was already getting used to Lucid Dreams and Lucid Experiences but these were defying my knowledge. They were a lot more real than Lucid Experiences. In several occasions, objects were connected to my body causing a big pain. I always thought they were stronger Lucid Experiences but one day, in July 2000, one of the visitors was a strange humanoid who looked like an astronaut and inserted a probe in my mouth which felt like a metallic object. It was so hard to breath and it felt cold that I had to "awake" to get rid of what was happening and only after lots of attempts I was capable of awakening and even after that I could still feel the feeling of the probe. "An astronaut?! It could only be my imagination playing tricks on me", I thought. Some time later I saw several pictures of aliens on the Internet and one of them was similar to that astronaut. I thought to myself something like: "Damn!!! How can this be?! Is all this true and not dreams after all?!". As things went by I started moving away from the dreams theory although I was open to many points of view.

Some time later things continued happening and I decided to phone my friend Paulo Cosmelli who is an investigator from the International UFO organisation Non Siamo Soli, who I met in a UFO lecture a long time ago. I talked with him and told him what was happening and I found out that most matched his knowledge about other cases. I talked with Paulo Cosmelli several times and everything matched — I had aliens who appeared invisibly, others doing things to my body, I even had aliens who extracted sperm from me, some who had sex with me and some who inserted probes into my body. Most of the aliens I couldn't hear but I could see their lips moving sometimes. I even described one of the races of eagle faces who visited me and it matched the knowledge of the investigators — It was a very small eagle-like alien being, yellow and with red eyes. When that alien appeared over me, 14.Oct.2000, to stick me implants I was surrounded by a strange camouflage device which didn't allow me to see around me. Similar camouflage devices were used in many visitations to prevent me from seeing things.

I got very happy with all the visitations and started wanting more and more and got obsessed with the visitations. I started calling the aliens every time I gained consciousness during sleep and started having up to 10+ visitations per day which were making me a very happy person. Some visitations were hard to tell if they were real or just Lucid Experiences because they mixed a lot of fantasy which was normal since they always happened while I was sleeping in an altered state of consciousness. But some visitations were so real and so clear that when they happened I had no doubt about them. What made them even more credible is that, now and then, aliens who had already appeared weeks/months before would reappear. I even saw a very scary looking reptoid and a praying mantis and this 2nd one visited me several times and in his last visitation, 13.Nov.2000, he immobilized me and placed a probe into my mouth. I told him in thoughts that there was no need for such violence since I would allow him to do that to me but I continued immobilized. The aliens I could hear (I COULDN'T hear most) would speak to me telepathically in Portuguese (other languages were seldom used) and would hear my thoughts since many times I wasn't capable of speaking because only noise would come out of my mouth, not words. I also noticed that even if I sometimes could see the bedclothes, sometimes I could pass them with my arms as if they didn't exist and I was also completely naked sometimes as I could feel my body and couldn't feel any clothes on. I also attempted several times to pass my hands in front of my face and saw through them as if they were transparent.

The visitations last very little, just like my work at the supermaket with each customer in the checkout. We interact for seconds or even a minute or two and then it is gone. I've had MANY THOUSANDS of experiences regarding aliens. I have seen, felt and heard things no one would ever believe. I've heard of MANY THOUSANDS of people having similar experiences too and I was told by some friends about a book on Amazon called "Communion: A true story" about similar experiences.

What makes me feel that my experiences aren't just dreams? The fact that the experiences are too real and too intelligent, because my regular dreams are very confuse. I was also told words during my experiences which years later I found in books. There are still words that I haven't found but I have hope of finding someday. I found words like "Parallax" and "Transformer" in books relating the aliens and UFOs subject. The last word in the commas was from a sentence regarding the brain and multidimensional portals told to me by a human entity during an experience. I also found the word "Paralax" on 12.Jul.2013 in my huge Portuguese Porto Editora dictionary a coincidence?

Also, my psychiatrist at the time thought this whole thing was simply hallucinations and said that the way to prove it would be to increase one of the medicines I was taking back then — AMITREX 200 MG — but I increased it and the experiences continued. The only thing that this AMITREX did to me was to affect my arms A very bad side effect.

In the beginning I had a very good image of the aliens and would allow them to do anything to me, but after nice looking human male aliens tried to abuse me sexually and did things to my sexual organs, which caused me lots of physical and psychological problems, I got extremely scared and stopped calling for the aliens and tried to deny them all authorization to do things to me and it didn't work many times. I got into a very bad moment of my life. I was sleeping at night and was always being awakened by entities who were always sticking things into my body causing me pain. Under my eyes the skin became dark because of the sleeping problems.

<Master_of_Chaos> In the past I wanted to be an abductee
<Master_of_Chaos> now I see how hard it is
<Master_of_Chaos> not be capable to trust your own body
<Master_of_Chaos> not to know what is done to it
<Master_of_Chaos> only pain
<Master_of_Chaos> and silence

Some two days after stopping the call, after meditating a lot, I decided to continue with the call and also ask for the help, guidance, protection and love of Ashtar Sheran. I came to the conclusion that even if all aliens seemed to just want my body there must also exist nice ones out there who really need my help and I can and must sacrifice a bit of me to help others, it is only fair, gratifying and a moral obligation as a human. Like Spock said: "Because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one". Of course, I will only give them permission to mess with my body if their objectives seem pure. Besides, if I help them, maybe one day I will have the physical contact which I so badly want and maybe some more answers.

On 15.Oct.2000 I was visited by invisible entities and after I refused them authorization to mess with my body unless they became visible and their intentions were good, one of them became visible on my right side, then he placed his hands around my neck very angry asking if I was happy and I thought I was and then we had a little chat while other alien, still invisible, was on my left side placing lots of implants all over my body. He told me his race was Orionic and asked me where I was from. When I explained to him I was from Earth, from the Solar System, he mentioned the 12th planet and I started asking him for information about the 12th planet but he didn't say a single word and seconds later the aliens vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared.

It took some time to get used to getting implanted (knowing when that was happening) but I soon found out the feeling of it when got visited by a race of eagle faces which was very benevolent and beautiful and which placed me several implants but asked me for permission first. After that visitation I started knowing when implants were being placed on me. This happened on 20.Oct.2000: They were such beautiful and friendly creatures and I passed my hands gently over them showing all my love. We were having a fantastic chat. The eagle faces placed me 3 new implants. One in each wrist and one on the left side of my head close to the jugular vein or whatever it is called. This last implant produced pain and I told them that and I saw them using a device on the pain spot. When he approached my head I thought in the word "remove" because I was scared that he was removing the implants and he read my mind and asked me "remove?" and I explained the situation and that I didn't want them removed nor was going to remove them, that I just wanted physical evidence because people were saying I was crazy, nothing more. I also asked these lovely and talkative eagle faces if their implants were detectable with x-rays and they said they were. For some moments after the visitation finished I had a strange feeling in the place where the last implant was placed…

On 30.Oct.2000 I was possibly visited by aliens and a kind of self-mutilating message appeared on my mind over and over and over again saying: "REMOVE ME ALL THE IMPLANTS" with EXTREMELY strength. After I noticed what was happening I tried to deny the sentence but it was too late and only after a pill I was capable of returning to bed and terminate with the sentence. I asked several aliens who appeared on new experiences and to my telepath friend Jean Berger from France (Commander Tielnec Sheran of the Ashtar Command) and they all confirmed — all my implants were gone and that against my TRUE will. An alien told me that the only way to get them back was to get them the same way I got them before. After that I had more self-mutilating sentences, until something was done to my brain by a group of nice aliens, and it is possible that I lost more implants. I wanted implants so badly so that I could be traceable 24 hours per day and thus making easier for a physical contact to happen the moment I would step into an empty area of the country. Tielnec Sheran also told me how many implants I had at the time I talked with him and he said I just had one placed by a benevolent race and, in fact, it matched one experience I had after I had lost all my implants.

On 5.Jul.2011 I was sleeping and suddenly entered OBE state. I was in by bed and was surrounded by invisible entities who were sticking and connecting things on my body. I had the feeling they were small beings like the greys and I was able to touch the hand of one of them. The things they were doing to me caused a lot of pain and it felt like they were sticking needles in me. After several years without experiences of this kind, it happened again which made me scared about the possible return of those.

The aliens, psychologically, can be divided in three main groups:
  — Benevolent;
  — Negative (Eg: Greys, Reptoids);
  — Indifferent.

A possible answer to how visitations happen:
I now have a clearer idea of how visitations happen: I project myself in the Astral Plane or higher dimensions and that is where they happen with me outside my physical body using the etheric one.
I now know that visitations happen in at least three ways:
   a) Multidimensional portals;
   b) Virtual portals;
   c) Spaceships.

I got confirmation of the multidimensional portals on 14.Jan.2001 by a Nordic alien girl who also told me they would visit me from time to time to see how I was doing. I am not an expert in multidimensional portals but I do know that I saw aliens coming out of my bedroom's physical walls like the walls didn't exist and once I even saw an ellipse device appearing on my left side when I was in bed and out of the device came a human alien. I once was visited too by aliens and I talked with one of them who didn't even know which planet I was from (the Orionic mentioned before). All this and more, such as aliens shaking their heads negatively when I asked them if they could visit me in other houses if I moved, made me suspect about the theory of the multidimensional portals but it took several months for the confirmation and some aliens attempted to hide the truth from me all visitations happen while I am in a state half awaken/half asleep or something close to that. Sometimes I am having OBEs or Lucid Experiences and a head of an alien appears as a shadow or the image freezes and when I open my eyes the alien(s) are there.

On 31.Jan.2002 I attempted very hard to get into a portal with the aliens but the results were negative like in all my previous attempts: I asked a birdlike alien to take me with him, I saw him picking me up from bed and I entered a Lucid Experience state. After realising they weren't taking me anywhere I aborted the Lucid Experience and found myself back in my bed and I told the bird-alien: "That was just a dream". And he replied: "Dream and Reality is the Same. Marco, that is how you learn the game". I told him: "But I want to be with real Extraterrestrials" and he said loud: "THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE" and vanished.

On 10.Oct.2002 I was allowed to enter a virtual portal by human alien beings and I appeared inside a spaceship in Orion. I was told a term which only weeks later I read in one of Adamski's books. I was in a corridor with big rectangular windows seeing space and stars. I asked him where we were and he asked one of the people passing by and then told me it was Orion and I repeated it in English.

I also found out that one of the portals, the one behind my bed, led to the underworld and I was capable of closing it at least twice thanks to messengers who taught me how, but I found out that my bedroom was loaded with portals and that no matter how much I closed them, sometimes they would reappear open. Sometimes the portals would appear in walls and other times the walls would be empty (solid rock). I also met my guardian angel, LAHHEL, a brunette girl who using the silver cord saved me from troubles several times. I also discovered that I could get out of bed during alien visitations and move myself in the astral plane around my house.

The underworld, according to an entity who came from it, was defined as being a negative place but with lots of sex and where people wore nappies. Most of my visitations were probably of beings from the underworld or from other negative places around the Universes. To me, the underworld seemed just like a bunch of caves under the ground since I visited it several times in OBE experiences either by entering the portals or guided by my guardian angel. Yes, after a long time trying, sometimes I was capable of entering portals but I didn't get much knowledge from accomplishing that.

I was after the main portal to the underworld in the hope of closing all dark portals. I had several visions with the guidance of LAHHEL which were like tips and I believe to have found it on 22.Nov.2002 but LAHHEL didn't allow me to touch it and therefore I didn't know how to close it. I asked for help and some messengers, white birdlike aliens, who appeared a few days later showed me how to close it but that wasn't the end of my problems. This big portal was different from the others: there was some sort of control panel in order to control it. The portal was in a wall, there was some kind of small entrance (tunnel) with a dead end to reach that portal. When I attempted to touch that portal, LAHHEL blocked my steps using the silver cord. I was trying to walk but couldn't advance and was moving my feet in the same place.

During all these years of experiences I also had some prophetic visions, like a gate with a demon head on the top and the symbol of small horses at the bottom left. Bryon Smith told me that this symbol represented the power of the Beast.

I also called for my spirit guide during sleep and met two entities on 20.Nov.2002, both human with a dark skin colour like the inhabitants from India. I asked what my mission on Earth was and the first entity talked in a language I couldn't understand and in the 2nd experience, with the other similar looking entity, I was told that my mission was to be like the other humans of Earth and that I must lose my obsessions.

Multidimensional Portals:
Multidimensional portals are "doors" from/to other worlds and/or dimensions.

The multidimensional portals which I found in my house during sleep in higher dimensions appeared on walls.

Sometimes the walls were solid rock but, other times, I could feel a kind of entrance on the walls.

Sometimes while entering a portal there was a kind of electrical shock which caused pain to some degree there was something strange with its vibrational level.

Entities told me that the multidimensional portals were dangerous and I also recall a human looking entity saying that they could burn the "transformer" (brain).

How to close normal portals:
Closing portals is always a race against time because, if one gets delayed, the experience in the astral plane will end before we have time for the task.

During experiences, on 3.Nov.2002, I was laying in my bed and I passed my hands in the border inside the portal behind my bed and found some buttons which I clicked and then a lever which I moved and something happened to the portal and I could see the inside of it from my bed. I asked if it was closed and a female entity said it was just off or disconnected.

I found out how to close normal multidimensional portals on 5.Nov.2002 partly by luck and partly with the help of two birdlike entities which showed me the process.

To close a normal multidimensional portal I inserted my hands in the portal, pressed a few buttons in the bottom border to turn it off and then I grabbed the bottom of the portal from the outside and pushed it up and heard a crash then I ripped it all to pieces. It felt like a blue elastic tissue rolling in my hands as I pushed it up.

Another way I found was to run to the veranda of my living room and the window was open with lots of sun and I placed the portal in my hands outside and the sun destroyed part of it and the other part I threw away to the outside.

Sometimes I also had problems because the portal was getting elastic and falling over me every time I grabbed it in the bottom and pushed it up to break it after turning it off.


Above are bedroom photos taken in October 2002 of the places where the portals were. The red ones are multidimensional and the two green ones are virtual portals. During time, more portals appeared and were found.

Later, around the end of 2002, a new kind of portals appeared close to my bedroom curtains, that looked like small clay angels. The entities told me that they were a new challenge and what I should do, but I didn't want to risk getting into troubles, so I didn't take any action regarding them.

My favourite alien races:
Most of the alien races who visited me were not human although their shape was humanoid in most cases. From all these races there were some I felt more attracted to. Some of my most favourite alien races I named as "Eagle Faces" because they were humanoid beings with bird faces:

Yellow long beaks
— Very talkative


Short beaks and white head
— Very silent


Short beaks
— Darker than the grey/white eagles
— Very silent


Long beaks
— Black/dark brown
— Very silent


Short beaks and grey head
— Very silent


   The reason why all those years have gone by and there aren't still drawings of the Eagle Faces is because hypnosis can be
   dangerous to me because I have altered states of consciousness. I was planning to draw their images during hypnosis. Also,
   in February 1999 I tried hypnosis and it didn't work on me.

It was one of these races that helped me with an alien girl. Several alien women were trying to impersonate her and when I asked for the help of that eagle face, he scanned my memory and some time later he returned with the girl and implants were placed on me (which I no longer have) so that our contact was never lost.

I was told by a friend that the reason why I was having so many visitations done by birdlike aliens would probably be of a very strong connection with the Pleiades, that even my country name was connected with the Pleiades.

The status of my calls:
Presently I lost control over the calls since the races I call during altered states of consciousness most of the times aren't the ones visiting me any more. Also, now-a-days, I am not much into calling races any more because I started getting visited by negative entities and even one person who channelled benevolent aliens refused to help me, saying there were too many negative forces involved.

I always thought that I had got rid of all bad entities but one day (28.Dec.2000) I had a warning from a benevolent alien. He appeared with the shape of a donkey and was sticking things in my chest. Later he changed to a human shape and we chatted a little. He told me that he appeared as a donkey because that was how I imagined him in two dreams I had (which I don't remember having) and told me that most of the races I was getting along with were bad races. When I asked him about me being offered the gift of telepathy by God or Light Beings he said he wouldn't believe in that happening and, when I asked him about his opinion regarding my calling sentences used at the time, he said they were stupid.

Meditation about ways of becoming in physical contact with the aliens:
Around June 2005 I was analysing the possibilities of becoming in physical contact with the aliens and, after a lot of thinking, I came to two possible ways of that happening:
1) One way was to find out the Hot Zones in Portugal and go there now and then. "Hot Zones" or "Hot Spots" are the places with more sightings or more UFO activity. I read in the book "Inside the Space Ships" that Adamski did this way in order to attempt physical contact and one day he was rewarded for his efforts. I could phone investigator friends in order to attempt to find the places and then, I could go there and use my UFO Detector. There are a few things to take into consideration regarding Hot Zones:  a) What procedures to have there;  b) If there is a place for the UFOs to land;  c) Best time to be there; d) The number of sightings in that place per month or year.

On a weekend in July 2005, me and some investigators had a vigil in Montejunto mountain. We arrived there at around 10pm and left in the other day at around 6-7am. It was fantastic! We spent the night moving around with flashlights. We didn't see nor detect any UFOs but we saw orbs which I was told to be extraterrestrial probes. It was so cold and there was so much fog that sometimes we weren't able to see the moon nor the stars. I also had a lesson about the ruins at Montejunto.

2) The other possible way was to contact an important organisation which investigators claimed to be in contact with the aliens. Several governmental organisations are, but some are dangerous to contact. So I decided to write to Mr. Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, in order to try my luck. I came to the conclusion that he was the most powerful person on Earth since the UN represented all nations. On 7.Jun.2005 I sent a physical letter to him explaining and asking for help. I was certain that, even if he couldn't help me, there should be other persons in the UN who could. Weeks later the reply arrived a generic reply letter thanking me for writing to the secretary-general and saying they couldn't help me with my issue and that they don't give financial support to individuals or organisations without the consent of the organisation (I didn't ask for any financial help, so this probably means they didn't bother to read my letter carefully, but at least they were kind enough to reply).

I meditated a lot and it is possible that in a physical contact with the aliens, if we are taken aboard their ship, that they will let us choose between leaving with them for good or return to Earth again and continue with our normal life. I believe my selection would be the first option. It isn't an easy choice since lots of things are involved but it is the choice I would take. It is better to ascend to a higher plane than living a useless life on this one. But, there is always the possibility of the aliens letting us return to Earth while keeping a more permanent connection, like offering telepathy or other source of making future contact possible.

Project Vixen:
In July 2012 I was chatting on Freenode IRC server with Dan Frederiksen and I initialized "Project Vixen" with the purpose of finding evidence for my experiences during sleep.

After some conversation it was decided that I would record myself during sleep with my web camera in order to check if there was physical activity during the experiences.

I was told to get a led lamp for my bed table lamp so that my web camera could record with low light.

Bryon Smith told me that, even if no entity was seen, at least it would be possible to see myself.

On Sunday (15.Jul.2012) I made my first attempt and recorded two hours of DVD-Quality video of my nap during the afternoon.

I was lucky and had very short experiences during sleep but I watched the video and I saw myself moving my arms but it was inconclusive, since I remember waking up to see the time in which the experience happened.

Bryon advised me to use a camcorder with night vision to try to catch paranormal activity. I decided that around Christmas or later I would try to buy one since at the present time I was kind of broke, and my actual camcorder is quite old and only records in digital tapes in 4:3.

(Photo dated from 15.Jul.2012)




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