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I am very interested in the progress both of technology and science. I want to see the moment when we can live for hundreds or thousands of years, or more, and travel through space from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy, spreading ourselves all over the Universes.

I thought that 2003 would be a year of answers, but 2004 arrived and still I had not found answers for many basic things. Fall after fall I can’t find the answers. I still haven’t found the meaning of life for instance and I can’t find the answers to basic questions such as: "What is wrong and what is right? What is good and what is evil?". I have NOT found the basic answers to life: "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my place?". What knowledge have I achieved then? Maybe I looked in the wrong places, but the truth is I haven't found the answers… I have spent a great part of my life searching for the answers without success.

In the Christmas of 2009 I received an e-mail from my old University Professor MOB and he told me an amazing thing about the purpose of life which I searched for most of my life. He told me that he didn't know if there was a destiny and that he too had meditated about the meaning of life and concluded that, if life has any use, it is to contribute little or much to the progress of mankind, to its elevation above the animal ancestry. Among other activities, to defend the viability of a developed society within the Christian parameters like ours, it is a positive contribution.

PSI powers:
I am very interested in PSI powers and I have some which I am trying to improve and others which I am trying to develop.

I don’t have much control over them and they happen only occasionally and for years that I haven't had significant experiences during sleep.

Here are the powers:

  • Lucid Dreams: This power allows me to gain consciousness during dreams and feel the dreams physically and I can also think and take actions as I wish. All feelings are real.

    I like to sleep a lot and dream. I have many Lucid Dreams, Lucid Experiences and OBEs when I sleep a lot and I also usually cheat in the dreams making things repeat until they happen the way I want. It is great to be in an imaginary world where things happen randomly and you can move yourself and adapt to things.

  • Lucid Experiences: This is a mix of Lucid Dreams and OBEs. I appear in places where there are other persons and it is just as if I was there physically. I tried to open my eyes sometimes to awake and I was not in my bed but somewhere else. All feelings are real. Sometimes I wonder if some of my Lucid Experiences are in fact real teleportation of myself (spirit) to other realities since all that happens there and the answers/way of acting of the beings who appear there seem to be too intelligent for being simply dreams.

    I’ve had THOUSANDS of Lucid Experiences
    and I am not sure if my Lucid Experiences are just stronger Lucid Dreams all the time or if sometimes are more than that because of all their characteristics. Sometimes, when I awake from Lucid Experiences, I have my body either very cold or very hot (sweating a lot) and sometimes even my breath and heart become very fast — it is very strange…

    What makes my Lucid Experiences so wonderful? The fact that I can actually think, see, feel, taste, talk and hear things. Yes, the images appear in the retina (like Virtual Reality glasses) of my eyes just like I was there and I can touch things and persons and feel them physically just like I was touching them in real life. My Lucid Experiences proved that “lucid sex” is the best there is providing fantastic feelings. It is a pity my experiences last so little time… One moment you are there and the other you see black. We could say that Lucid Experiences are like the teleportation of the Etheric Body to other place, like as if we were there physically.

  • Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs): I appear in houses similar to mine and can move around and interact with the persons that appear. All feelings are real. The problem is that the places where I appear are never really equal and the objects change shape easily. I tried also several times to look at my watch during OBEs to see what time it was and the time digits were corrupted.

    Usually my Lucid Experiences/OBEs happen with me appearing in my bedroom and house and then I can move around the house and outside, but the places don’t look 100% like the real ones and I can interact with the people that appear there. Usually, shapes of people and objects tend to change. Sometimes I also appear in strange unfamiliar places. I had also feelings of floating, passing through walls, hearing voices in my head and music being played in CD quality in my head, both in Portuguese and in English, and some of the music was unknown to me.

  • Alien calling with energy (name unknown): This happens in real time during sleep when I gain consciousness. I concentrate on the ear buzzing then I start calling the race of aliens I want and my brain gets loaded with energy which propagates to my body which gets solid as a rock and starts vibrating a lot. All this for some seconds. For many years that this kind of experience doesn't happen to me.

  • Telepathy: The universal language of communication. I am still after this one. Some claimed that I already have it but don’t know how to use it. The truth is I was offered unconscious telepathy by an alien (I asked him and many others for it) during sleep but all I was hearing was lots of voices in a single voice so I had no control over it and when I asked for help the aliens removed the power against my will. I also asked the aliens for TOTAL telepathy and when I was about to be given it I changed my mind because the alien told me:
        a) You will hear voices for the rest of your life;
        b) It can work badly.
    With such a scenario I had to refuse and started begging only to God every day for the gift of telepathy and self-control. Asking the ordinary aliens for it is a risk because I don’t know which ones to trust and they probably won’t give me the self-control I need. Still, in my search for telepathy, I asked several aliens just to give me enough telepathy to telepath with the aliens consciously and one of them told me that people couldn’t ask for it… it had to be offered and by kind races. Some persons told me that telepathy can affect sleep but I am already used to having my sleep affected because I am always having altered states of consciousness during it.

    n 1998 a friend I met on Internet called Marmiga tried to help me with my Telepathy search and advised me to listen to the radio with headphones and with the sound as low as possible. I did this for some time late at night without any success except that just after doing this technique I would go to bed and my ears would still hear the music I was playing on the stereo. Jean Berger told me later that, by using this technique, the telepathy developed would be limited and more successful to contact with beings of the lower astral.

    In July 2002 I found a book that taught telepathy and ordered it. I had been after such a book for many years but only after finding the George Adamski Foundation International was when my dream became true. Not only it was a book I had been after for so long but it was also written by George Adamski who was one of the greatest contactees and so it was a trustable book. To help me develop telepathy I also had ordered a book from Amazon called “Psychic Development for Beginners”. Currently I have more telepathy books. Unfortunately I have invested a lot in books and still I have little success — The search is immense and the knowledge is little.


    With the book "Psychic Development for Beginners" I learned several exercises. I also learned that psychic activity can occur when the brain is in alpha or theta state and that the brain generates alpha waves whenever a person closes his eyes: closing the eyes may be enough! I also learned the existing brain waves:
      Beta — 12-15+ cycles per second.
      Alpha — 6-14 cps.
      Theta — 4-8 cps.
      Delta — Less than 4 or 5 cps.
    In this book there is a very good psychic exercise to achieve a basic psychic level: It is written that we should imagine a spiral staircase with 10 steps and we must imagine ourselves at the top of the staircase and get down step by step from 9 to 0. For each step we go down we think something like "Deeper psychic level". After we reach the bottom step we think something like "Deepest psychic level" and then we can just say that every time we want to achieve that state counting from 3 to 1 imagining a spiral staircase flashing on our mind. We must first do this exercise with our eyes closed and later, sometimes, also do it with the eyes open.

    In October 2003 I found on Internet a company called World of Alternatives selling a CD with 20 minutes of audio making use of the little known Schumann Resonance, supplemented by carefully selected Theta harmonics, claiming that it would help develop/improve Telepathy on the people who would listen to the CD. I decided to give it a try by ordering the CD and I even bought a new set of headphones to hear it better. It is written in their site that brainwave harmonics make use of binaural technology to produce very specific combinations of frequencies in the brain and that these frequency combinations work like a key or a software program to unlock a specific function of the brain.

    Through personal experience and the books I have read all over these years, I found out that with telepathy it is easier to be the sender and harder to be the recipient.

    One way for someone to check if his telepathic powers are working is to ask the entity one is telepathing with for a Maths test. In other words, you ask for a calculation which is impossible for you to do mentally, such as the multiplication of two large numbers, and the other side gives you an answer and you check with a calculator. If the test goes well you really have your telepathy working.

  • Audition powers: When I am sleeping during the day and have earplugs and big earplugs over the smaller earplugs, sometimes I hear background sounds from the surroundings as if my ears were unprotected. Also, when there is silence, if I concentrate on the ears I can hear a buzzing.

  • Channelling Ascended Masters/Higher Entities: I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to do it since all the aliens I asked for help didn’t help me at all. I phoned and asked my friend Ariana from Canada how to do it on 2.Sep.2001 and she gave me some tips which I started doing right in that night for sometime. Of course that physical contact with any Higher Entities is better than channelling since channelling is subjective. After realising how subjective it was and how many people were involved in false channellings, I decided to give up.

An IRC friend from DALnet said on 3.Sep.2003, regarding paranormal powers, the following:
<jaban> People ask, "what can I do to become an ircop?"
<jaban> There's really nothing you can do to become an ircop.
<jaban> You do what you do, and you either become one or you don't.

The same friend on 7.Oct.2003 said:
<jaban> If it makes you feel any better, most people look for the answer they want instead of the truth

Moldavite crystal:
After reading two sites about crystals I got fascinated with a crystal called Moldavite and decided to give it a try. I also contacted a friend of the UFO investigator Paulo Cosmelli who works with crystals and what she said was fantastic and she even told me a shop in Lisbon where I could buy the crystal. The moment I had a chance I went to the shop (26.Jun.2002) and bought a piece for my personal use on the forehead during sleep. According to Mir RA on her site and making a small summary of the text there with her permission:

"Moldavite is the only gem-quality ore with extraterrestrial connections. Over 15 million years old, this meteoric 'glass' was formed from an impact with the Earth in Czechoslovakia.

Moldavite has an association with the chakras of the 3rd Eye and heart. This crystal allows the wearer to connect to Extraterrestrial and Higher Beings acting as a walkie-talkie. Perception awakens, centring the user on their Mission. This stone develops the wearers’ manifestation abilities.

Moldavite holds immense potential, allowing broader ‘vision' and understanding by interconnecting with dimensions. It activates the Chakra system.

To activate the 3rd Eye, meditate with the stone taped to the forehead, the stone is recommended to be worn on the heart chakra which will connect to the soul. It is recommended to mount it in jewellery in its raw form.

While the stone activates, you may experience certain symptoms like fever, diarrhoea, fast heart pulsations, headaches, dizziness, and nauseas, etc., these symptoms will last until the stone adjusts with you which takes about three months.

After wearing the Moldavite for a couple of weeks, pimples started appearing on my forehead in the location of the crystal. And, after wearing the crystal taped to my forehead during sleep for many months, my experiences started becoming a lot stronger than before. I reached a point where they were so real and scary that I had to give up… I couldn't take it any longer. And I wasn't getting much (if any) knowledge from the experiences.
I was using tape for wounds, a tape made of a different plastic, white and full of holes for the skin to breath.

UFO/Ghost Detectors:
In the Summer of 2004 I received two UFO Detectors and one Ghost Detector sent to me by Frank Abate from Abate Electronics. The Ghost Detector was a gift and he also made a special price for the UFO Detectors. I ordered two so that I could offer one to my friend investigator Paulo Cosmelli, so that he could test it on the countryside far from big cities. Because on the countryside there are more chances of UFOs appearing.

It is well-known and reported that some UFOs cause interferences in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and in the electrical equipment in the vicinity of the ships. So, why not buy a device to detect the interferences caused by nearby UFOs? And that is what I did, and I bought the most powerful model — the EMM-Event.

The EMM-Event model has a detecting range of 25 to 200 miles. It also allows turning off the alarm and just be alerted by a red led, which can be turned off manually, and the 9 volt battery that the device uses lasts for around a year or more. The EMM-Event also has the feature of setting the sensibility level so that it can be adapted to the local where it is being used to get rid of false alarms caused by interferences from close electrical equipment.

On trips to outside the big city I have been able to detect changes in the electromagnetic fields. Once it happened in a beach and the changes were really strong since, even decreasing the sensibility of the detector, it continued to detect and I had to turn the sensibility knob all counter-clockwise (less).

On several trips to Alentejo, in the South of Portugal, it also detected lots of changes now and then. And on the way back, doing the inverse way, it didn't detect on the same places which means they couldn't have been caused by electrical devices from Earth placed at those locations. Alentejo is a nice place for sightings since there are lots of plain areas with very few houses in some places.

One thing is for sure: even by detecting the UFOs I haven't been able to see them. I looked all around to the skies and didn't see any objects. Of course that maybe happened because the range is up to 200 miles, so the UFOs were probably too far away for the naked eye to see. But there are other possible answers, such as the UFOs being small (like orbs) or using camouflage.

(both photos dated from 30.Jun.2004)

A possible cure for cancer:
Cancer is a malign tumour with corrupted cells. As time goes by, the corrupted cells start spreading themselves and damaging other cells. This will eventually lead to the death of the person who has cancer. The best thing to do is to detect cancer as early as possible.

While speaking with my friend Jaban from Canada regarding cancer, he told me that it was possible to cure cancer and that there was a clinic in Mexico with the purpose of doing that. It is the Hoxsey Clinic (Alternative Cancer Clinic) whose site is located at:

Since 1963 that this clinic has provided Hoxsey therapy. It was one of the first alternative cancer facilities in Mexico. There are several books and videos available on Hoxsey.

According to my friend, it is a very successful clinic. The medicines they give are illegal in the USA because they contain components of a drug, therefore this means that one can only do the treatment in Mexico.

The therapy there is cheaper than other therapies. The last time I visited the site it was written there that it only costs $3500 for the therapy no matter how long it takes, and that in the first appointment we only need to pay 30% .

I thought I would share this vital information with anyone who would need help regard cancer.

Zeitgeist the film:
In June 2008, a supermarket customer offered me a DVD with the free film "Zeitgeist" which he downloaded in XVID and converted to DVD.

"Zeitgeist" is a term that represents the spirit and values of a time.

I watched the film and realised it was very important if it was really true.

I realised so much its importance that in August 2008 I ordered 50 bulk DVDs of it from the original site to offer to some friends (there was a special price for the bulk DVDs which made each around $2 with postage included).

The version the supermarket customer offered me had low quality because it was converted. So, by buying the original DVD version, I would be getting a full quality film.

On 23.Sep.2008 the DVDs finally arrived from the customs and I picked them up at the post offices after paying the taxes.

I was so eager to find out what would be the opinion of my researcher friends after they watched the film.

According to the official site:
"Zeitgeist was produced by Peter Joseph, created as a non-profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on the official site lists the basic sources used/referenced and the developing Interactive Transcript includes exact source references and further information. A Q&A page is also being developed.

It is important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed. For example, some information contained in Part 1 and Part 3, specifically, is not obtained by simple keyword searches on the Internet. You have to dig deeper. For instance, very often people who look up "Horus" or "The Federal Reserve" on the Internet draw their conclusions from very general or biased sources. Online encyclopaedias or text book Encyclopaedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist. However, if one takes the time to read the sources provided, they will find that what is being presented is based on documented evidence. Non-Profit DVDs / Free Video Downloads are available through the Downloads page.

It is Peter Joseph's hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the Truth, but find out for themselves, for Truth is not told, it is realized."


(both photos dated from 23.Sep.2008)

In April 2009 I ordered the DVD "Zeitgeist Addendum" and it arrived around a couple of weeks later.

(photo dated from 14.Apr.2009)

On 3.Feb.2011 I pre-ordered the DVD "Zeitgeist Moving Forward"
which arrived around a month later.

(photo dated from 6.Mar.2011)

Project Vitamin D:
On 19.Feb.2009 I initiated "Project Vitamin D" with the goal of restoring the calcium in my bones and teeth.

Since I am addicted to Coca-Cola, my teeth started becoming damaged and transparent.

I also used to drink a lot of milk, but, because I never go out in the sun, I had no Vitamin D so that the calcium could adhere.

Then I found out that there was a special milk with Vitamin D+Calcium. It was expensive but it was the only way of restoring my teeth and bones.

I have decided to give it a try then and have hope it will work.

According to the producers of the milk, Mimosa:
"Calcium has an important role in our organism: it helps build and maintain the bone structure, besides it participates in the muscular function, transmission of nervous impulses and blood coagulation.

The bone is a dynamic structure in permanent renovation, and every day stored Calcium is withdrawn from the bones for several functions of the organism.

Thus, it is important to assure the daily ingestion of Calcium in proper quantities and during a lifetime.

Two glasses of Mimosa milk (250 ml) satisfy 88% of the daily recommended dose.

Vitamin D helps the absorption and fixation of Calcium in the organism."


Project Eye Bags:
On 1.Apr.2009 I started "Project Eye Bags".

Due to the fact that I was getting to bed very late because of being at the computer for too many hours, and also due to sleeping problems and other things, I started having big dark circles around the eyes.

What called my interest to this was the fact that I took photos of me at age 35 to add to Alex Chiu's testimonials and people complained that I looked bad, which was true. So, I had to find a solution for that.

After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that a way of trying to fix that would be to buy a cosmetic product for the effect.

I bought a stick from Vichy called "Hydra Mag Stick Yeux". This product was expensive (near €15) but it lasts for around 2 months if used twice a day, in the morning and at night before going to bed.

After a month or so, the eye bags became a lot less noticeable.

Project Teeth Repair:
On 18.Jul.2011 I began this project by buying the toothpaste "Sensodyne Repair and Protect" at the supermarket, since my teeth are damaged because of Coca-Cola and alike.

This recent product/technology may help me and I am going to give it a try, even if it is very expensive.

According to the official site, this new toothpaste contains a unique formula named NOVAMIN® which is a technology based on concentrated calcium, which aids to repair vulnerable areas, with the natural components of the teeth construction. When in contact with the saliva, the formula NOVAMIN® releases those components which are calcium and phosphate. This creates a mineral protecting layer. The regular use of this toothpaste, twice a day, repairs and adds protection to those vulnerable areas.

Supressed Inventions:
In September 2013 I bought the book "Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries", after knowing about its existence many years ago through Glenn Steckling:

There are different editions of the book, some no longer found anywhere, since the contained information was too sensible.

One of the inventions the book talks about is water moved vehicles. It sounds impossible at first, but all that has to be done is to have a device that extracts hydrogen from the water using it as fuel. The car would have a battery for power which would be recharged as fuel is used, just like in ordinary cars.

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