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I am going to share my experience regarding religion, how I moved from Light to Darkness (or the opposite), from Heaven to Hell (or the opposite). I have gone through a lot since my early days and this is very precious information for those interested. My history is long so I will make a short summary.

The beginning:
While I was still a young child I had a Catholic education.

While my parents were away working to join money, my brother and I spent some time in the North with my grandparents who were very conservative and religious, specially my grandmother. I was always being told about God and Satan and not to fall in Satan's temptations since He was very bad.

My grandmother always gave a lot of importance to God and was always saying things like: "Don't do this that God will punish you", "Don't get close to the edge of the veranda/window or Satan will push you", "Don't mention the name of Satan or He may appear to you". She would also force me to pray at night before going to sleep to thank God for everything He was doing for me and to guide me in the right path. And, when we passed by sandbaggers, we would give them a coin.

I was told about Heaven and Hell like they had a lot of importance, as if Heaven was the goal for an entire existence. For my grandparents almost everything was a sin and Satan could be anywhere and try to steal my soul.

I was a young child and I received the teachings for real since I didn't have the power to reason between what was true and what was false, so I became enslaved by what I was taught.

From Heaven to Hell:
I didn't know back then, but who would tell that someday I would renounce to God and His values, my family, everything that in a way or the other, would represent the past or part of it? Maybe the renounce was getting closer than I could be aware of.

It was when I was young that I realised how bad religions were and rebelled myself against them. Just like the Dark Lord, I too was against God. I came to the conclusion that religions were bad and started thinking about Satan. "Satan" means "Opposer"… I too was the opposer of all religions controlling the world for they all worked by creating fear in their followers, manipulating people from childhood.

When I was young I already had an attraction for Satan but, due to my Christian background and education, I was scared of Satan. During the day it was easy to be on His side but, at night, I was scared of the dark. It is hard to explain… but now that I am a fusion of the three I am no longer scared of the dark.

It was this way that my "encounter" with Satan happened… I wanted to be free, to break away from the false conventions imposed without my consent while I was still a child. Satan represented the Opposer, someone who didn't impose FALSE restrictions in minds still young.

I used to like watching terror films on TV but at night I would be very scared while trying to fall asleep… I had a kind of phobia of the night and dark. But I had now become what the famous Count Dracula from the films called "The children of the night", which represents the beings that have nocturnal life.

I started to become fascinated by Satanism as I read, listened and talked more and more about the subject. Each time I was identifying myself more with it. I wanted to reinvent my convictions. I reached a point were Satan was Light and God Darkness. I no longer needed to fear the dark, for I "belonged" to Satan, for Satan was against all dogmas rebelling against God, and being against dogma it means we want to change thus representing progress, so I was against God who is not perfect.

How can God not be perfect? In the bible we can see and all believers claim that God is an infinite and perfect being present all around us and that He can hear the thoughts of all of us even before we think or speak (thus we can claim that God has total telepathy being telepathy the universal language of the Universes). I can never forget nor forgive those who in the name of God decimated whole civilizations thinking of gaining the kingdom of Heaven through their acts. If God is perfect how can He allow Earth to be a hell and not a paradise? Look around you and you will see death, poverty, illness, war, hunger… is this the creation of an almighty God? How many scientists and free thinkers were set to fire in the name of God in the Middle Ages, causing the stagnation and retrocession of Science for a very long period? How many books were burnt?

The year 2007 represents my official return to the Dark Side of the Force. I can't turn away from the Dark Side. The pressure is so much… it drags me into it… I can't run away… I can't deny my own being. For too long I have hidden myself in false answers — in the thing people call Light. The Dark Side seems like the piece which will fulfil my being. I have searched for answers in the so called Light and I haven't found them, so I had to turn to the Dark Side which for me represents the True Light.

There were times when I got disturbed about my beliefs due to some bad experiences during sleep involving very negative multidimensional entities. That made some questions to arise on my mind and I became confused. But I can now see the way. I can't return to the past because going back would mean to return to the bad which the Christian religion represents.

Anton LaVey once said: "I am like the lonely wolf which wanders in the woods". This made me remember an old conversation which I had with an IRC friend over ten years ago where I was told that our path is long, lonely and with several difficulties, and that only the ones passing through this will understand its real meaning. It is a path we must travel alone because normal people won't understand this and that is why we can't tell them the truth. They can't handle the truth.

Many years ago I also learned that the lonely wolf sometimes gets stronger when it gets together with others of his kind. This means that there are organisations/groups which make several roads cross together somewhere in time and that is sometimes beneficial as one can learn a lot from those experiences.

I can state without hesitating that I am the only person who likes LaVeyan Satanism in my whole family since they are all defenders of Christianity and I am certain that no one there would understand my way of being. We can then say that I am an exception to the rule, in my family.

My current religion belief:
I consider myself a fusion of Atheist/Satanist/Christian. It is hard to explain but I am like three in one with the best of each. I considered that both God and Satan were alien beings and that mankind got it all wrong. I had to learn the hard way, through experimentation, that the two concepts did exist. I still don’t have enough knowledge or experience to explain what God and Satan are but I do know that there are beings across the Universes from other dimensions who follow and represent them. I received MANY THOUSANDS of alien visitations in my bedroom during sleep through several multidimensional portals, and one day I discovered that some visitations were from beings of Satan, others were from beings of God and some others claimed to be from neither of them.

There are at least two kinds of Satanists now-a-days: Those who see Satan as an entity and those who see Him as a Dark Force of Nature. I believe that both are right, because there are alien entities made of energy, which means that Satan can be an alien being thus meaning He is an entity as well.

I once asked to an entity during sleep: "Who is God?" and he replied: "I would like to know that too". Then I asked: "Who is Satan?" and he replied: "It is the Prince of Evil, the Master of the Dragon". This happened around July 2004 but I couldn't find the notes I wrote down back then with the exact date.

Is "Darkness" stronger than "Light"? This is a good question and I have meditated a lot about it. Light is temporary and only works when there is energy. For example, when there is a power failure light goes off, while darkness doesn't need any power to work. Also, black holes in space absorb light. The issue here is that I consider darkness the true light, for most of those who claim to be from the Light are far from what they defend… they make use of the word "love" but they are worse than us.

I can't understand how some demented freaks commit crimes saying it was Satan who ordered them to. I can't understand how those persons can be taken seriously… if Satan doesn't communicate with me, why would He speak to those freaks?

In the past, when I thought that Satan represented unconditional love and that he was the opposition of God, a terrible and merciless entity, I joined two international satanic organisations which were the First Church of Satan and the Sinagogue of Satan for they represented the perfect humanity and in theory everything seemed perfect.

In January 2007 I was accepted as a member in the Associação Portuguesa de Satanismo.
What does this organisation have to offer? Here are some things:
   a) They represent Satanism in Portugal;
   b) They are a serious organisation;
   c) They have a forum to discuss several subjects;
   d) They have an electronic store where it is possible to buy stuff like books, necklaces, audio CDs, clothes, etc.;
   e) They organize events in Portugal and abroad;
   f) They have a periodical magazine called "Infernus".

On 31.Oct.2007 I went to a Moonspell concert in Lisbon where I met the core of the APS in person.


In January 2008 I
received the Portuguese hardcover version of the Satanic Bible, an edition limited to 111 exemplars. This special limited edition was released by the APS on 25.Dec.2007. It was a very important step to the people who speak Portuguese and who are interested in learning the philosophy of life brought to us by Anton LaVey.



FCoS                  SoS                   APS

About destiny, I consider that each person makes its own destiny. However, some of us have been selected by higher entities of the Universes for a particular mission and if that mission is to help other beings it is our moral duty to do everything in our reach to accomplish our destiny.

MOST of the people who make use of God’s name use mind manipulation and enslavement techniques. MOST of those who defend God’s values above all, are scared that progress may lead people away from their God and that is the reason why they are against progress — they don’t want people to open their eyes.

I am for the destruction of religion and dogma which, if destroyed, would lead to progress and well-being for all. Like Anton LaVey said: "Open your eyes that you may see, oh men of mildewed minds, and listen to me ye bewildered millions! For I stand forth to challenge the wisdom of the world; to interrogate the "laws" of man and of "God"!".

I believe there is something more after death but it has nothing to do with a heaven or hell. Quoting LaVey again: "And your spirit — your immortal spirit — shall live, not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained". It seems that what counts the most is the life we have here in our current physical bodies because the afterdeath is an uncertain reality and it is risky to take the chance, thus we must enjoy life to its fullness. Like the APS (Associação Portuguesa de Satanismo) states in their site,
Hell is this place in which we live, this oppressing Christian capitalist society.

Jesus Christ Sananda:
Part of me may be Christian, but I don't like God, IF there really is a God like the scriptures say… but I like Jesus who was a kind person who attempted to turn mankind in the right direction, just like He did in other planets where He incarnated before. For what I understood, the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus.

Over 2000 years ago an Ascended Master known as Jesus Christ incarnated on Earth and with him a message of love was brought. This Christ is known in the UFO world as Jesus Sananda, an Ascended Master from the 10th dimension and therefore much more perfect than us, human beings of the 3rd dimension. I was told and also read that Sananda incarnated in several planets to contribute to their ascension and bring a message of love but, here on Earth, He was crucified. Still, in some other worlds where He incarnated, the people followed His message and now they are very advanced civilizations with planetary travel technology.

I still can’t understand how an Ascended Master like Sananda said so many things in the bible that look impossible for me to accept and the people in His time applauded Him and followed Him blindly, but my friend Bryon Smith told me that one of the reasons was because people were very poor back then and had little to eat and therefore would go after Jesus who, now and then, would multiply the food and perform cures which would be considered miracles.

Those who think that by belonging to a church or religious organisation will get them a seat in heaven are wrong because even if there is a heaven, which I still have no evidence to state so, only God can choose who will get in and who will stay out. It is all up to God to decide, like my friend Bryon Smith stated several times. You can’t buy a seat in heaven no matter how wealthy you are. People should do good for being good and not for gaining the kingdom of heaven

On 2.Oct.2007 José Paulino told me on Windows Live Messenger an important sentence quoted here with his permission: "I admire your Christ, I just don't like your Christians". This sentence means that Jesus Christ was important but that most of His so called followers don't follow His pattern.

On 2.Nov.2012 Bryon Smith wrote an important sentence on Facebook: "All the things people hang onto and worship in their lives will one day be dust. No one can take it with them. We came into this world with nothing, we will leave with nothing. The sooner we understand this the better our lives will be".

Fallen Angels and the Sigil of Baphomet:
Some piece of information which I learned:
"Angel" means "Messenger" (thanks to Bryon Smith for teaching me this). A "Fallen Angel" is a celestial entity which has fallen from the grace of God. It is commonly referred to as "Demon".

I have also done some research regarding the "Baphomet" symbol which some sources claim to be related to the Templars and is used by Satanists. This is a very old magical symbol.

The reason why it has an inverted Pentagram (a star with five points) is because the Pentagram pointing up connects to God/Divinity and the inverted Pentagram connects with the opposite, or man.

There is a goat inside the Pentagram representing Satan who defies heaven. It is the so called goat of Mendes.

The Pentagram turned up means on the top "Adam" and on the bottom "Eve" while the inverted one means the demons "Samael" and "Lilith". Samael is said to be a "white light genius from Mars".

Around the Pentagram there are five Hebrew characters which are read from the most bottom position counter-clockwise and mean "Leviathan" which is one of the four crown Princes of Hell like it is written in the Satanic Bible. These
Hebrew characters are filled in the Church of Satan special version while in the original version they are just outlined.

According to the Satanic Bible, there are four crown Princes of Hell, each one related to an element:
  — Satan (Fire);
  — Lucifer (Air);
  — Belial (Earth);
  — Leviathan (Water).

On 11.Feb.2011 I was told that the "Great Architect of the Universe" was Lucifer and that when someone reaches the highest degree in the Freemasonry he has to sign a paper acknowledging that. No wonder Aleister Crowley was a Freemason.

The Satanic Bible:
This book was written by Anton LaVey, the black pope founder of the Church of Satan. It explains his philosophies of indulgence and freedom and discusses Satanic Rituals. This book doesn't have anything to do with devil worshipping nor sacrificing virgins. It is the manifesto of a new religion separated from the traditional Judaeo-Christian definitions of Satanism. It is about the importance of man as being his own God and breaking free from the chains of this Christian oppressive society.

In the introduction of this philosophy book, Magus Peter H. Gilmore says that this book has the potential to change everyone's life. He says that, by looking at its pages, we might see ourselves because its principles are those which we have been living all along we can remember. This means that if we feel a familiarity with the book, we will realise that we are part of a dispersed meta-tribe whose appropriated name to designate it is "Satanist".

Magus Gilmore also says that the sentences written in this book give the feeling that we have met LaVey in person and when he met "the Doctor" (that is how the persons close to LaVey used to call him) they knew they were facing the person who wrote the book. In opposition to the leaders of other religions who claimed to have received their knowledge from superior entities, LaVey gained his knowledge from the study of man, materialism, pragmatism and individualism during his life.

Many people claimed that LaVey plagiarized the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ragnar Redbeard in his book, but LaVey had a simple philosophy about that saying that, if something appropriated had already been written, why reinvent the wheel?


"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name."


("I am the law of the world")


"Bathe in the beams of my illumination"
            Lucifer, the Light Bearer


"God is dead"
             Friedrich Nietzsche


"There is no God above man"    ;It means you control your own destiny
              Aleister Crowley


"There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth!"
              Anton Szandor LaVey



"We are all inherently divine, the co-creators of a New World Order! In this fashion we shall create Gods in Our Own Image, for we are the Creator, and we are the Created."
           Lord Egan


"Hate those that earn it, as you would love those that earn it. As Above, so below."
          Michael S. Margolin

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