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Pets & Animals
I like animals a lot. Animals are sometimes better than humans, because animals only kill for defence and food while humans kill for sport and fun.

Nature is very important, it  provides us with food (animal/vegetal), drink (water) and oxygen (air). If man didn't destroy Nature, there would be a great balance in our planet.

Unlike man, Nature has innate intelligence. Nature has existed for aeons of years having achieved balance in the way it deals with certain problems. On the other hand, man has achieved a lot of knowledge by studying Nature. But man's knowledge is always limited and sometimes man advances and later he moves back again.

I have had a few pets during my life:

I once had a little bunny which I liked a lot but he had lots of health problems and died because of a brain tumour. I enjoyed a lot playing with him and hug him all the time and join my forehead against his forehead and also fill him with kisses. He was born on 31.May.1998 and died on 3.Mar.2000.


On 28.Jan.2002 my father found a kitten abandoned inside a paper box and adopted it. I sometimes call this cat "The Prince of Darkness" because he growls to some visitors and also likes to bite my arm when I hold him.


On 22.Sep.2003 my parents found an abandoned female cat, around 6 months old, and adopted it. This one was found in an old house full of abandoned cats.


On 22.Mar.2004 my parents adopted another abandoned cat. This very friendly and scared cat was found crawling under parked cars. He used to live in constant fear. He passed away on 28.Jan.2015 due to a renal insufficiency.


On 22.Sep.2007 another kitten was adopted. This one was found trapped inside the engine of an abandoned car. He was just a few weeks old. Months later we found out that the doctor made a mistake and that the cat was in fact female.


On 23.Jun.2008 a female kitten around two months old was found in the streets very ill. My parents took her home and nursed her until she started feeling better. Then we tried to find her a home but no one was interested or lacked the qualities, so we kept it.


On 14.Oct.2008 an injured male cat, around six months old, was found in the streets. He had both back legs broken. Probably the owners placed him inside a towel and threw him out of the window. My parents paid the surgery so that the cat could walk again and brought it home.


On 23.Jul.2009 my parents took three ill kittens from the streets. After they healed we were able to offer two of them, but no one accepted the third one so we kept it.

On 22.Feb.2010 my parents took an injured cat from the streets which had one eye blind. They found someone to keep it but the owner treated the cat badly and had no conditions at home, so my parents removed the cat from the custody of that person.

On 4.Oct. 2010 my parents took an ill kitten from the streets who had diarrhoea. After weeks of treatment they tried to find someone to keep it but it was so used to our house that spent the night screaming in his new house that my parents had to bring him back home.

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