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People and Friendship

I have decided to place here two topics, one about women and the other about a theory of friendship which I wrote back in the 1990s.

I like women blue/green-eyed, blonde hair, great body, big breasts and very nice, friendly, intelligent and beautiful. There were only four girls I loved truly in my life.

The 1st one was on my 12th grade but she hated me. It was my first true love and it hurt a lot and I never wanted to go through that again. She was a beautiful girl with brown hair and very liked by the persons surrounding her but she had a cold heart.

The 2nd one I met in 1999 and I still love her a lot but my feelings can never be like those in the first love. She is a blonde girl with greenish eyes and is very beautiful, friendly, nice, caring and intelligent and I am sure that all the surrounding people are attracted by all her qualities.

In the human alien girls, visiting me in the Astral Plane or higher dimensions during sleep, I found my 3rd love and got divided between my Earth love who is here and my space loves who were far away and could only visit me for very little time now and then. Most of the human alien girls I have been with were brunettes but I have also been with blondes and also with a black one. One of them was very strange and now and then a very high light would come out of her chest in a rotating way lighting my bedroom. I asked several of the alien girls where they were from and some claimed to be from Mars or Venus. One of the girls from Mars also had a light in her chest but it was smaller than the first time I saw such a light.

In my search for knowledge and answers, I attempted to ask the alien girls for that. But it seems they didn't want to share their knowledge and that they were only interested in sex, because they would go away when asked for knowledge.

In 2003, I read the George Adamski book "Inside the Space Ships" and it had there reports about human beings from both Mars, Venus and also Saturn. This made me feel even more confident about the veracity of my experiences.

The 4th girl I met in 2006. I am not sure any more if I can call love to my attraction for her since love is hard for me to define now-a-days. But I do feel something about her. She is also a blonde girl with brown eyes and I have been a loyal "customer" all over these years, resorting to professional services. This way I can stay free and have time for my personal life.

On 17.May.2011 I saw Professor LF at the supermarket and he said that, better than resorting to professional services, would be to pay to female co-workers the same amount to have sex with them several times per month and still have no bondings so that I can be free. It was a great idea but I am not brave enough to ask for that.

When we love someone or something really truly, we must love it with all our heart, body and soul.

The Pyramids of Friendship:
In the 1990s, while I was writing my unreleased philosophy book, I also wrote about this subject and decided to share here a small part of it.

In almost every places we have friends and acquaintances but in each place there are persons who represent more to us than others, for whom we feel a greater affection and admiration.

I tried then to do a hierarchical representation in different scales, different pyramids, of some of my friendships, creating what I denominated of "Pyramids of Friendship".

There are then several pyramids according to the kind of friendship. The co-workers represent one, the school/university colleagues others, the neighbours other, the women other and so on — some persons are in several pyramids simultaneously.

The perspective of the pyramid is very simple: close to the base there are many persons for whom we feel a higher or lower degree of indifference but, as we move closer to the top, higher are the feelings of friendship relating them and fewer persons are there and those, at the top, are the pillars of the whole pyramid thus if one leaves, the whole pyramid falls apart and loses its meaning.

The Pyramids of Friendship were a way of organizing my friendships back in the 1990s and it could also be used now-a-days but now it is harder to use since I have countless friends all around the world.

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