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I spend a lot of time on Internet, mainly on Facebook, IRC and Skype. On days off I can spend 10+ hours at it. I like a lot to be "close" to my Internet friends world-wide and chat with them.

During the years, my number of contacts/friends around the world has increased a lot. Thanks to the Internet it happened even faster than before and, now-a-days, I have many friends some of which in important positions.

I also enjoy a lot searching for updates of the software I like or use and be up-to-date with the software, hardware and news relating both and also relating other subjects.

Internet is a dangerous place though. When I was a newbie and had a dial-up modem, I was nuked several times and also got infected with trojans sent to me by persons from IRC claiming to be films or other things. I was also target of identify theft. I learned the hard way about the evil people out there wanting to ruin the others' lives.

I have been disappointed with IRC since it no longer is what it used to be. Now-a-days most people have broad band connections and are connected 24 hours a day and just idle there. The IRC channels seem ghost rooms. No one talks and only lamers are active saying or doing stupid things… it is really annoying.

Many years ago I learned about spyware, adware, malware, spam and phishing, after having problems. The more time going by, the more unsafe I felt about Internet. Internet is indeed a dangerous place since almost everyone can have access to it which means all kind of persons get in and try to hurt and take advantage of other persons.

Spam is generated in many ways. There are web crawlers which are programs that search the Internet for e-mail addresses and generate a list with them which is used by spammers. Also, people infected with spyware will make the malicious programs spam the persons in the address book of their e-mail clients or in the pages visited by the infected people. Also, chain letters which are forwarded with the e-mails of the senders in the body, or the whole destination e-mail addresses visible, will end up in someone along the way collecting the e-mails and later spam. Some malicious programs even log everything one types (keyloggers) and send the logs to criminals.

Phishing is an attempt by criminals to try to get personal information about you (like
real name, credit card numbers, addresses, usernames and passwords) which can be used later for fraudulent purposes like identity theft. This is achieved through e-mails pretending to be from real companies, websites, financial institutions, etc. but they link to other sites owned by the scammers. Some sites may even infect your computer with viruses and alike.

Expired Domains:
There are also criminals out there waiting for known domains to expire so that they can register them, and add adverts or other bad things to the sites. I have noticed this happening with lots of sites which used to belong to friends of mine in the past.


Botnets are 100s or 1000s of compromised computers ("Zombie Computers") controlled by criminals in order to attack other systems. In such a scenario it is almost impossible to track the IP of the criminals since the IPs in the attacks are the ones of the compromised computers. There are also criminals selling "packs" of compromised computers.

Even my
homepage's guestbook was attacked by nasty persons who flooded it and flamed me. I had an old guestbook which was flooded a lot and, because it had a limited number of entries, the older entries got lost. After that I asked my friend Robert Bergström to create a guestbook and, after several improvements, it became the guestbook I currently use. In January 2012 I got a fresh guestbook based on the previous one with some enhancements. I never forced anyone to read my homepage.

A funny thing happened on IRC on 22.May.2006: a friend from PTnet whose nick is ugly_gypsy_ noticed that my real name, "Marco", was in sequence with my IRC nick, "Master_of_Chaos", like I am showing here: (M) (a) s t e (r) _ o f _ (C) h a (o) s . It is really strange and funny… I keep getting surprised now-and-then.

On 13.Oct.2009 I was banned from an IRC channel on DALnet because a channel operator claimed that I was a BOT. He said I typed too fast to be human. This is so silly! I have been a DALnet regular for over 10 years and I am treated like dirt? I had to add this here.

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