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My interest regarding astrology has been increasing over the years.

For thousands of years that civilisations use Astrology making use of celestial bodies positions to try to predict things.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac and mine is
Aquarius. Twelve is a magic number which is also the number of stars used in the European Union flag.

"To You,
Aquarius, I give the concept of future so that through You, Man may see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I won’t allow You to personalise My love. So You may turn the human looks towards new possibilities, I give You the gift of Freedom so that free, You may continue to serve mankind wherever it may be…"
(Original of Martin Schulman — Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation)



The following information regarding my Astrological sign, Aquarius, has been taken and translated from Clix's site and used with their permission.

The reason why I chose this particular text is that I identify myself with it.

Clix was one of the best and cheapest Portuguese Internet Services Providers.

General characteristics:
Period: 20th of January to 18th of February
Regent Planet: Saturn
Element: Air
Quality: Static
Polarity: Masculine
Capital Sin: Pride
Complementary Sign: Leo
Psychological Opposite: Scorpio
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Colours: Blue, Black, Turquoise, Indigo, Garish Colours, Violet, Gray, Red
Metals: Aluminium, Platinum, Uranium, Lead
Astrological House: XI
Season: Winter
Tarot Card: The Star
Temperament: Sanguine
Precious Stones: Amethyst, Marine-Water, Emerald, Lapis - Lazuli, Indian Sapphire, Quartzes, Turquoise, Opal
Flowers and Plants: Orchid, Willow, Poppy, Violet, Jasmine, Black Tulip, Exotic or Rare Flowers, Myrrh
Animals: Owl, Crow, Eel, Monkey, Car, Exotic Birds, Real Peacock, Flamingo
Perfumes: Thyme, Violet, Rose, Balsam from Turkey, Jasmine
Characteristic Numbers: 1, 7, 3, 4
Music: New Age
Psychic Potential: Sudden Revelations
Keywords: I know, Independent, Human
Symbols: The Water Bearer


"The natives of this sign aren't easy to get along with nor monotonous. Although sometimes they may look cold, distant and the most individualists of all signs of the Zodiac, the natives of
Aquarius are also the most humanitarian and their acts of kindness are many.

For them, friendship is a stron
g and indestructible feeling which, sometimes, becomes more important than love itself. But, for their friendship to become eternal, it is required that their friends can follow their mad rhythm of living. Very attractive, the Aquarius are gifted with enviable benevolence and comprehension and have an enormous capacity to accept people just the way they are.

For them, feelings come first, then friendship, intelligence and in the end physical attraction; although they can't stand the idea of getting stuck, when in love they give themselves to the maximum and the human warm they feel for their friends is doubled regarding the loved one.

Some are too independent and struggle hard in life a two, because they need their own space. When they feel chained and with the freedom they preserve so much threatened, their reaction is to run far away.

They can hardly adapt themselves to others' habits and don't tolerate at all any invasions of privacy. If they are not careful, they risk living in loneliness. The sign of
Aquarius represents the future, modernity, forefront of thinking and, as hard as it may seem, rigid convictions. Owners of an advanced mind, the natives of this sign like to break away from everything which is old and move towards what it is to come. They are always facing the future, loving everything which is a novelty and they are, without any doubt, anti-conventional. Many times, their huge will to change and get rid of the routine, may make them waste good moments, either professional or affective.

Born leaders and gifted with an intelligence almost always brilliant, they are sometimes too eccentric, evidencing certain rebel attitudes which may even go against certain rules and laws. They love the laws just so that they may change them and, once established, it will be necessary to recheck them so that they won't become obsolete. In case there isn't any renewal, the first consequence could be rebellion and, sometimes, they tend to show a certain repugnance for this so monotonous world; even if it is only for them to be different, they like to always navigate in the opposite direction of the crowd. To attenuate this trend they should appeal to planet Saturn, which instigates to attitudes a little more traditional. To this sign, the notion of collectivity is stronger than any other, because it represents the union of different people towards a common goal. Many associate themselves with Unions, civic groups, cooperatives and movements that involve new projects, which defend freedom, solidarity and democracy. Without doubt that the influence of Uranus is well visible here. The natives of this sign are a complete sea of ideas and are always dreaming, planning, and may sometimes daydream and have a bit vague

Their mind works non-stop, dreaming and planning the next minute. Sometimes it is possible for them to lack a little sense of reality, which may turn into an involuntary lack of responsibility, for they let themselves be carried by life without noticing that they don't have a certain route. Everyone becomes fascinated with their originality and their friends compliment their loyalty
restlessly. Very impatient, for them everything is "for yesterday".

Very communicative and sociable, their open mind without prejudices makes them, without any doubt, the most independent and liberal personality of the Zodiac.

They don't let themselves be carried by critics nor conventions, they don't let themselves be intimidated by any kind of obstacles and nothing interferes in their convictions, always getting what they want. Gifted with a very fast reasoning, they have an optimal intuition and a wonderful and utopian vision of the future, as absurd the future may seem to them. Often, they have premonitions which many times make them take the role of "the owner of the truth", which usually gives origin to frictions. Their actions and reactions are, mostly, unpredictable, dictated by the intuition of the moment and fast as lightning. But, sometimes, the
Aquarius may exaggerate for them, things are either white or black, and when they broadcast an opinion, their radicalism may fright the other interlocutors. They must be careful, not to tire people with their radicalism! They must overcome that trend of shocking others and be from the cons. Although of a mystic look that their intuitive side may show, don't get yourself eluded, for the Aquarius is basically scientific, thinks clearly, in a rational way and they believe that only with scientific bases we can project and invent the future."

The male:
"The Aquarius matches exceptionally elevated ideals, in virtue of a rigid moral code.

In general, his eccentricity captivates being able of truly surprising attitudes. Owner of an almost always brilliant intelligence, the man of
Aquarius always has an unexpected idea, a different play, and life with him is almost always funny and cheerful. But, if it is good to live with him when he is in a good mood, to put up with his bad moments, even short, isn't easy too.

His life is always full of changes, controversies and unexpected happenings. His rhythm of life is huge and he is always concerned about the near future.

In his love life, he isn't a man of easy passions. He would rather have a true solid friendship to intimate involvement. But when that happens he is extremely loyal. It's a pity that most of the times he doesn't even notice the club of female admirers around him. Even if not for pride, vanity, or lack of modesty, but because the man of
Aquarius lives with his head on the clouds, enveloped in dreams and concerned with the future. However, he will have moments of plain tranquillity, unmatchable and impossible to find in any other sign of the Zodiac."

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