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Who I am:

My name is Marco A.G.Pinto. I am Portuguese, 40 years old, 1.69 meters, around 70 kg and I was born on 27.Jan.1974.
I am among several things a researcher, philosopher, writer, programmer, web designer, translator.

(photo taken on 4.Jul.2011 at age 37)

I finished my 12th grade in 1995 with the highest average in my class which was 15 values, and entered the same year in a private University in Lisbon. I finished my 4-year University pre-Bologna course in "Informática de Gestão" (Management Computer Science) in September 1999 with an average of 14 values. In September 2012 I finished a Military Masters in "Guerra da Informação/Competitive Intelligence" (Information Warfare & Competitive Intelligence) with an average of 16 values. Averages in Portugal are between 0 and 20 values.

At the end of my 2nd year in University I had a nervous breakdown, because of my family mainly who ruined my entire life from the beginning, which was the end of my dream – being the best of the best. I had to be carried to hospital by an ambulance and from that day on my life changed completely and, because of the psychiatric treatments, I spent most of my time sleeping and got a lot fatter and my marks went nose down and I lost interest in almost everything. This made me also a lot fatter, but I have already lost some of that weight and currently I only weight around 70 kg compared to the 73 kg of the Summer of 1999. My relationship with my family also became stable and I am happy to have a family.

In the 1990s I only did a lot of crap. Due to the fact that I wanted to be the best of the best in my studies, I was a bad colleague and friend, hiding the information from the other students. Over 20 years have gone by, but there are still persons who even today don't talk with me.

In January 2001, after around one year unemployed, I got a part-time job at a supermarket as a cashier. The job isn't at the level of my education but at least I have free time for my hobbies. At work I have to deal with all kind of people, from educated to savage beasts. And I see lots of bad things. I even see rich persons who have very expensive cars, like Mercedes and BMWs, who can spend €50 in shrimp and come up with a discount coupon of 10 cents for a very cheap product. There are also those who pretend to be friends and change the barcodes in products to steal the supermarket. I also see grocers attempting to buy all products (leading to stock rupture), when there are discounts, to sell the products at their stores at a much higher price, even going against the supermarket limiting the maximum number of products each customer can buy.

At the end of August 2001 I was accepted for a Masters in "Gestão de Sistemas de Informação" (Management of Information Systems) in one of the best management Universities in my country (I.S.C.T.E.). I was one of the around 30 persons accepted in my whole country. In 2002 I had to suspend my studies because I only had time to study and work and couldn’t enjoy life nor work on things I had planned a long-time ago. Also, my part-time job was affecting my studies as it consumed too much time (extra-hours) and caused a lot of psychological stress. I got into a big depression. I even got a medical leave because of the depression.

I decided then to stop my studies for at least one year and invest the loan I got from the bank to pay my Masters in things more profitable such as opening my own company. I could invest all the money in University and end my course without a cent or I could invest it in a business and end rich and get rid of stupid jobs and start working for myself. I did start a company but, due to lack of money, I had to dissolve it in the Winter of 2003. What was sad was that I invested lots of cash and lost it all but it was one more experience to add to my life.

In December 2005 I paid the entire Masters loan (what was left of it) so that I could join more money every month. There was still a reasonable amount to pay but I decided it was better that way. Now I no longer have debts and can take a more free life. Maybe I should invest a bit in my family and friends now.

One day at work in 2007 there were discounts if paying with the supermarket card starting at 7pm... A family went to my checkout and said something like: "Is it already 7pm?" and when I replied "yes", the old man got angry and shouted something like: "Then hurry up because we want to catch the bus". In such a day, all customers would stop in front of the checkouts looking at their watches waiting for the discount time. This really annoys me. I am also tired of customers wanting everything for free. The good thing is that this job is part-time which means I have free time for my hobbies which makes me go on like this.

In April 2008 I got into a new stage of my life. I finally realised that having a regular life in this planet was silly and useless leading nowhere. In a regular full-time job I would probably work 12 hours a day and earn around 700 and a house rent costs around 500, plus €100+ for food and 50+ for transportation. This means it is useless to work in full-time. My only escape would be to win the National Lotto or the EuroMillions and retire. Only this way my life would have a reverse. The hard facts of life is that my father was Director in a bank before he retired and he is poor which means that working hard is useless. If dad was a Director and is poor, how can I in a regular job become rich? I guess "work is a necessary evil".

On 8.May.2008 I started taking Centrum vitamins to attempt to get back into shape. Hopefully within a month or two I would start feeling and looking better.

(Marco depressed on 8.May.2008)

At the end of May 2008 I got a medical leave. I was feeling exhausted and my nervous system was all affected. I was working too much at the supermarket doing lots of extra-hours, most of the time without even going to the toilet nor have a small break. I have also done 7 hours in a row without going to the toilet. I couldn't take it any longer and strange thoughts were crossing my mind. I asked my superiors for one or two extra days off so that I could rest but they replied with a "no". I even attempted to buy the days off and the answer was: "They are not for sale". I was always doing my maximum at work but no one ever valued my hard work. If I asked for extra days off is because I was really in need. I couldn't take it anymore and the only solution was to increase my medication and a medical leave. The only reason why I didn't take my life was because it is risky to exchange the known by the unknown.

In July 2008 I got a new insight. A couple at work told me about a Masters in a military institution. At first I didn't seem interested, but I looked for more information about it and started feeling a new life inside. I decided that in 2009 (planned one year ahead) I would apply for the Masters. This would give me one year to prepare myself and, if I am accepted and have good marks, maybe the government will invite me for a job. This could change my life for the better if everything goes out well.

In July 2009, one year later, I applied for the Military Masters and, after a lot of anxiety, I was accepted in August. Classes began in October. Finally, I had the chance of doing something to improve my life. I have now found a third family. Maybe two years from now I will be at a higher position in the headquarters of the supermarket or in another job more related to my academic background. The name of the course is "Guerra da Informação/Competitive Intelligence" (Information Warfare/Competitive Intelligence).

This military course which is also open to civilians isn't about guns nor killing people. It is more like staying in front of a computer which I already do in my free time. It is a course about applying the military concepts to enterprise and information management and decision making.

On 9.Nov.2009 a supermarket customer named André told me an old saying: "Study a lot to know little. If you study little you won't know anything". This same friend told me on 28.Dec.2009: "Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day".

Marco studying on 25.Nov.2009

At classes I learned an important military piece of information which I am sharing with you, the "Level of Threats" aka "Threat Spectrum":

In February 2011 I made a Lotto society with dad to attempt to win the National Lotto. I called it "The Pintos' society". This way it is cheaper to gamble and if someday we win the first prize we will share it the same way as if I was gambling alone.

In March 2011, after 10 years working at the supermarket, more and more I realised how bad people really are. At the supermarket I had to deal with lots of crap and met some of the most disgusting and rude persons ever. I have seen people trying to take advantage of others pretending they didn't know things or that they wanted to help. There are people who will never be able to use cards correctly always making manual payments which take a lot of time and make the other persons in line angry at the cashier and not at the real responsible for the situation. What a lack of consciousness of people who cause the problems and the consequences are addressed at the honest worker. I am also tired of old people always in a rush to catch the bus but who can spend 10 minutes looking at the receipt to check if they were "cheated".

In March 2011 the Santa Casa changed the way of working of the National Lotto which made my Lotto software useless and a lot harder to win the first prize. But, in April, I was able to improve my Lotto software in order to make it work with the new National Lotto. Although I didn't have enough draws for statistics and the price of the bets had risen, I decided to give it a try. To win the first prize is hard because of the "lucky number" but the second prize is around €40'000 which is tasty as well.

In June 2011 I was feeling very down and one night I told my feelings to my friend Dr. Cake on Windows Life Messenger (14.Jun.2011) and he replied saying he was going to tell me a profound thing: "We are never satisfied with the life we have... no matter whether we are rich or poor... life is a challenge".

In the end of October 2012 I caught some cold and got a sore throat followed by a respiratory infection. I couldn't breathe and went to hospital on 30.Oct.2012 and got a medical leave for two weeks. The night before going to hospital I could only sleep some two or three hours because, every time I laid down on bed, it would become even harder to breathe. At the hospital they did several medical exams, including blood test and x-rays and a strange machine with a device connected to my finger which at first was giving lots of strange values going up and down.

(photos dated from 30.Oct.2012)

In the Christmas of 2012, Professor Carvalho Rodrigues offered me two gifts, a t-shirt and a book. The idea of the t-shirt was of a genius, since it had written "Cyberwarrior" and had underneath the Information Metric used on my Masters thesis:

(photo dated from 25.Dec.2012)

On 1.Sep.2013 I officially changed my timetable at work, from 25/hours week to 16/hours week, just working on the weekends. I thought this would be a good way of getting some extra free time for studying and for my hobbies. The difference in income isn't that much, since on Sundays the supermarket pays double and, in my previous timetable, I wouldn't work on Sundays. Now I would only have to "suffer" two days and then have five free days for everything else.

On 1.Oct.2013 I got a second job at Corporate Education (IPAM/IADE) as a Moodle platform Administrator. I was invited by Director FC who said I would only have to go to the university physically once or twice a week, doing the rest of the work from home. I already had some experience in Moodle as a student in my Masters and now I would only have to see things from the inside part. I adapted myself very quickly to this task and spent several hours a day inserting courses/teachers/students and giving them credential and associating them to the courses.

On 14.Jan.2014 I received the results from the PhD scholarship I had applied for in 2013 from FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) and the e-mail said that my project wasn't considered a priority. I received the news days later that 92% of the candidates didn't get a scholarship due to budget restrictions. I guess I will apply again for 2015. The good thing about this is that I will have an extra year to develop my project and thesis.

In the end of April 2014 I contacted the Instituto Superior Técnico university asking for Information about how to make a research PhD without going to classes and just defend my thesis. I was told that I could pay two years of school fees and propose myself to exam. After some days meditating about it, I decided that I wouldn't apply again for a scholarship, because it is almost impossible to get it. What I would do is, after having my thesis project ready within a year or so, I would get a loan from the bank and pay the €6'000 to propose myself to exam.

My interests are:

Expanded Shortcuts:


- Resolutions
- Assembler
- WORD Convert
- Storage

- Amiga Forever meeting


- Karate belts
- Numbers Jap
- Karate lineage


- Phishing
- Expired Domains
- Botnets


Movies & TV
- PAL 4:3
- High Definition


- Ed Sant'Ana


Pets & Animals
- Bunny
Cat 1
- Cat 2
Cat 3
- Cat 4
- Cat 5
Cat 6

- Cat 7
- Cat 8
- Cat 9




- The beginning
- Heaven to Hell
- 2007
- Current belief
- Jesus Sananda
Fallen Angels

- The Satanic Bible


- PSI Powers
- Moldavite
- UFO Detector
- Cancer

- Zeitgeist
- Project Vitamin D
- Project Eye Bags
- Project Teeth Repair
- Suppressed Inventions


- Area 51
- UFO Organisations
- Alien Heritage
- Beginning Contact
- Possible Answers
- Multidimensional Portals
- Favourite Races
- Status of Calls
- Physical Contact

- Project Vixen


People & Friendship
- Women
- Pyramids of Friendship


- Telepathy book
- LanguageTool
- Proofing Tool GUI
Bryon Smith


- Characteristics
- Personality
- Male





I like computers a lot. I like to code and also plan the creation of software and other things. I released a lot of Shareware and Freeware back in the old Classic Amiga days. The most important ones can be found on my homepage. I am still thinking about developing more software in the future, now that I have Robert Bergström at my side.

(Photo of an Amiga 1200, courtesy of Dr. Cake)

I started in computers back in 1986 (I was 12 years old) when my father bought a TC 2048 which had 48 kB of RAM, 16 kB of ROM and was compatible with the ZX Spectrum 48 kB. Later I moved to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ with 128 kB of RAM and in 1991 I moved to the Amiga 500, later to the Amiga 1200 and in 1995 I had my 1st PC in the same year that I entered University. I also upgraded my computers several times due to a great need for computing power.

It was in the old Spectrum and Amiga days that I met lots of friendly persons and I am still in contact with some of them. There is nothing like old days people. Friendship had more meaning back then.

The ZX Spectrum had a speed of 3.5 MHz. "MHz" is the speed of a CPU in millions of cycles per second. Each machine code instruction takes a certain number of cycles to execute.

(photo dated from 30.Jun.2002)

I started coding in BASIC in the old Spectrum days and then a bit in Assembly Z80. In the beginning I started coding games and utilities from ZX Spectrum programming books, and later I coded some little things by myself. I moved to the Amiga in 1991 and started coding in AMOS and later in AMOS PRO. My biggest success was the Shareware utility "Create Adventure Games" which was put on the cover disk of a very popular British magazine and loaded me with letters arriving from many parts of the world and that was just one of the first versions of my program and had lots of bugs.

I can code in several languages, some of which I learned at University. I prefer high-level languages (BASIC kind) even though I like to think in a low-level (imagine all steps behind everything that happens) sometimes.

In 2001 I got back to coding software as a hobby and this time for the PC and using a powerful and easy to use language called DarkBASIC which was very similar to AMOS PRO. I started with a very important project and founded an international group along with Robert Bergström called "Team SpecNG" whose purpose was to convert old Spectrum games to the most recent technology, being all games released as Freeware. I was also the coder. The project’s site is: and was officially launched on 22.Jul.2001. In August 2002 I moved to DarkBASIC Professional.

Releasing software as Freeware doesn't mean that it has lower quality. I have worked on several things which were released as Freeware and their quality was as good or even better than many commercial software out there.

Both AMOS PRO and DarkBASIC Professional are high-level languages. The big difference between them and classic BASIC is the advanced multimedia commands allowing us to do everything possible with lower-level languages.

In January 2012 I moved to BlitzMax which is a programming language based on Blitz Basic from the Amiga days and which allows compiling code to Windows, Linux and Mac. The language is very hard to use but what is created with it works on more than just Windows.

In March 2013 I moved to PureBasic, which is extremely powerful, easy to use and it compiles for Windows, Linux and Mac. I reached the conclusion that this is what I have been after all these years long.

A friend from the Amiga days, which I believe it was Pietro Ghizzoni, once told me: "A coder's work is never resumed". One day, 10.Sep.2006, I was on IRC talking with another friend regarding this sentence and this IRC friend from DALnet whose nick is TigerWood said that powerful sentence meant that a coder is like an artist who tries to be perfect and therefore needs to update the code every time he has a better idea. In simple words, this means that coding something may be a lifetime task.

Main resolutions used by monitors:
Another useful information which I learned, which are the most common monitor resolutions:




Assembler VS Assembly VS Machine Code:
An Assembler is a utility which accepts mnemonics in Assembly. In simple words, it accepts instructions in a form which humans can understand, and then those instructions are converted to numbers which are the real machine code. For example:

   LD IX,16384
   LD DE,6912
   LD A,255
   CALL 1366

DD 21 00 40
11 00 1B
CD 56 05

This is Z80 Assembly language mnemonics that could be typed in an Assembler and then converted to machine code. This particular routine would allow a screen to be loaded from tape in a ZX Spectrum or compatible.

Converting a WORD to bytes and vice-versa:
Now I am going to share something useful which I learned in the Spectrum days... how to convert a WORD (value between 0 and 65535) into two bytes. This has been very useful all those years that I have coded software. Just notice that the ZX Spectrum would store first the Low Byte and then the High Byte. I don't know why it worked that way in the Speccy. Here is how it is done:
  v=value between 0 and 65535
  High Byte=INT(v/256)
  Low Byte=v-256*INT(v/256)

And to convert the bytes back to a WORD:
  v=value between 0 and 65535
  v=High Byte*256+Low Byte

How to do it using POKE and PEEK:
   a=address in memory
  v=value between 0 and 65535
   a=address in memory
   v=value between 0 and 65535
   POKE a,INT(v/256) : POKE a+1,

Storage measurements in computers:

I also decided to share here the table of storage measurements used in computers since it is useful information:

1 bit
1 byte
1 Kilobyte (kB)
1 Megabyte (MB)
1 Gigabyte (GB)
1 Terabyte (TB)
1 Petabyte (PB)
1 Exabyte (EB)
1 Zettabyte (ZB)
1 Yottabyte (YB)


0 or 1 value
8 bits
1024 bytes
1024 Kilobytes
1024 Megabytes
1024 Gigabytes
1024 Terabytes
1024 Petabytes
1024 Exabytes
1024 Zettabytes
1 sector
1 cluster
= 512 bytes (usually used in floppy disks)
groups of sectors (hard disks and mass storage products)

Amiga Forever meeting
On 4.Jan.2009 Michael Battilana from Cloanto organised a small meetup in Lisbon, Portugal, for old Amiga users.

We gathered in front of the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Jerónimos Monastery) around noon and had lunch in a restaurant and we all chatted a lot.

Very little people attended the meetup and Michael offered us all the package "Amiga Forever 2008 Premium" (the latest version). The package had two DVD-Video of Amiga's historical moments and a CD with the Amiga Forever software for the PC.

Here is a nice photo of the event place taken by Michael's girlfriend:

(Photo taken on 4.Jan.2009)



I started practising Goju-Ryu Karate-Do in the beginning of 1990. I stopped for 4 years while I was at University and returned after in the beginning of 2000. Some months later my traineeship ended and I soon reached a point where I decided to stop practising until I got a new job because it was very annoying to get dressed and undressed just to go practice.

In January 2001 I got a part-time job at afternoon-night as a cashier in a supermarket and it was no longer possible for me to attend my Karate trainings. I am currently 3rd Kyu (Brown belt):

Later I thought a few times about returning to my trainings by changing my work timetable but my back problems prevented me from doing so. But... on 27.Nov.2006 I got a declaration from the doctor at work saying I could practice Karate with a small restriction though. But, after a lot of meditation, I decided not to continue because I could only go once a week and I needed extra time for my free time activities which make me very busy sometimes.

"Go" means "Tough" and "Ju" means "Soft", so "Goju" means soft and at the same time tough. It is like the young bamboo tree that, when the wind blows strongly, it bends so that it doesn’t break and, when the wind calms down, it goes back to its original state. Our trainings are very hard with lots of physical exercise taking us to the limits of our strength. The word "Karate" means "empty hands" which means that our body becomes a weapon more powerful than traditional knives and such.

Belt colours in my Karate years:



10th Kyu - White belt


 9th Kyu - White belt + 1 list


 8th Kyu - Yellow belt


 7th Kyu - Orange belt


 6th Kyu - Green belt


 5th Kyu - Blue belt


 4th Kyu - Red belt


 3rd Kyu - Brown belt


 2nd Kyu - Brown belt + 1 list


 1st Kyu - Brown belt + 2 lists


 1st-10th Dan - Black belt


Numbers in Japanese:
During the practice of Karate, we use numbers from 1 to 10 in some exercises. Here are the numbers in English and the corresponding word in Japanese:

English Japanese
Two NI
Three SAN
Four CHI
Five GO
Nine KYU
Ten JU

Lineage of Goju-Ryu:
The lineage of the Senseis of Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do is:
  1) Sensei Ryu Ryu Ko (Fukien - China)
Sensei Kanryo Higaonna (Naha - Okinawa)
Sensei Chojun Miyagi (Naha - Okinawa) - Founder of Goju-Ryu
Sensei Anichi Miyagi (Naha - Okinawa)
Sensei Morio Higaonna (Naha - Okinawa)

(Sensei Álvaro Silva in 2005)




I spend a lot of time on Internet, mainly on Facebook, IRC and Skype. On days off I can spend 10+ hours at it. I like a lot to be "close" to my Internet friends world-wide and chat with them.

During the years, my number of contacts/friends around the world has increased a lot. Thanks to the Internet it happened even faster than before and, now-a-days, I have many friends some of which in important positions.

I also enjoy a lot searching for updates of all the software I like or use and I always try to be up-to-date with the software, hardware and news relating both and also relating other subjects.

Internet is a dangerous place though. When I was a newbie and I still had an old dial-up modem, I was nuked several times by evil persons and also got infected with trojans sent to me by persons from IRC claiming to be films or other things. Some people also tried to impersonate me on several occasions. I had to learn the hard way about the evil people out there wanting to ruin the life of others.

I have been disappointed with IRC since it no longer is what it used to be. Now-a-days most people have broad band connections and are connected 24 hours a day and just idle there. The IRC channels seem ghost rooms. No one talks and only lamers are active saying or doing stupid things... it is really annoying.

Many years ago I learned about spyware, adware, malware, spam and phishing. This after having problems with them. The more time going by, the more unsafe I started feeling about Internet. Internet is indeed a dangerous place since almost everyone can have access to it which means all kind of persons get in and try to hurt and take advantage of other persons.

Spam is generated in many ways. There are Web crawlers which are programs that search the Internet for e-mail addresses and generate a list with them which is used by spammers. Also, people infected with spyware will make the malicious programs spam the persons in the address book of their e-mail clients or in the pages visited by the infected people. Also, chain letters which are forwarded with the e-mails of the senders in the body, or the whole destination e-mail addresses, will end up in someone along the way collecting the e-mails and later spam. Some malicious programs even log everything one types and send the logs to criminals.

Phishing is an attempt by criminals to try to get personal information about you (like
real name, credit card numbers, addresses, usernames and passwords) which can be used later for fraudulent purposes like identity theft. This is achieved through e-mails pretending to be from real companies, websites, financial institutions, etc. but they link to other sites owned by the scammers. Some sites may even infect your computer with viruses and alike.

Expired Domains:
There are also criminals out there waiting for known domains to expire so that they can register them, and add adverts or other bad things to the domains. I have noticed this happening with lots of sites which used to belong to friends of mine in the past.


There are Botnets which are 100s or 1000s of compromised computers ("Zombie Computers") controlled by criminals in order to attack other systems. In such a scenario it is almost impossible to track the IP of the criminals since the IPs that appear in the attacks are the ones of the compromised computers. There are also criminals selling "packs" of compromised computers.

Even my
homepage's guestbook was attacked by nasty persons who flooded it and wrote bad messages flaming me. I had an old guestbook which was flooded a lot and, because it had a limited number of entries, the older entries got lost. After that I asked my friend Robert Bergström to create me a guestbook and, after several improvements, it became the guestbook I currently use. In January 2012 I got a fresh guestbook based on the previous one but with some enhancements. I never forced anyone to read my homepage but even that way I was flamed a lot.

A funny thing happened on IRC on 22.May.2006: a friend from PTnet whose nick is ugly_gypsy_ noticed that my real name, "Marco", was in sequence with my IRC nick, "Master_of_Chaos", like I am showing here: (M) (a) s t e (r) _ o f _ (C) h a (o) s . It is really strange and funny... I keep getting surprised now-and-then.

On 13.Oct.2009 I was banned from an IRC channel on DALnet because a channel operator claimed that I was a BOT. He said I typed too fast to be human. This is so silly! I have been a DALnet regular for over 10 years and I am treated like dirt? I had to add this here.


Movies & TV:
I like to watch on TV mainly films/series of Scientific Fiction, Action, Comedy, Cartoons (including Manga), Documentaries and Pornography. I also like to watch the News. I like films/series like: 007, Batman, Blade Runner, Buck Rogers, Dragon Ball Classic/Z/GT, Galactica, Rambo, Rocky, Space 1999, Star Trek, Star Wars, Terminator, etc.

When DVD films became standard I started watching films in that format since they have better image quality than VHS and also have digital sound with two or more audio channels. Digital is the future and, as time goes by, the old analogue things will become part of history. I am trying to get in DVD, and more recently in Blu-ray, the old films and series which I enjoyed in the past. I want to only use DVD or higher.

We may say that the historical background of the general people relating films and TV was: VHS -> DVD -> BLU-RAY.

Widescreen video and High Definition/3D is the future. I am now enjoying High Definition video too, since the cost of the equipments became affordable for the average individual.

I am a great fan of series involving space and aliens. In April 2007 I ordered a book from Amazon named "The Klingon Dictionary" by Marc Okrand. I wanted to translate to Klingon a sentence I heard in a S.P.O.C.K song: "Never trust a Klingon, he will always be ready!" but, unfortunately, I haven't had much free time to read the book and learn the language.

With the films Star Wars I learned an important quote: "You are no match for me, young apprentice!". I am a great fan of Star Wars and this sentence could be adapted to many things in life.

Here are some video resolutions:

PAL 4:3:

Format Resolution Bit rate
2400 kbps
1150 kbps
2400 kbps
6000 kbps


Format Resolution Bit rate
Standard HD
Full HD
? kbps
? kbps
? kbps

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

Blade Runner


I like many kinds of music but I prefer Heavy Metal. I like groups/singers like Acheron, António Variações, Beatles, Billy Idol, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Gipsy Kings, Guns’n’Roses, Iron Maiden, Kenny Rogers, King Diamond, Manowar, Mata Ratos, Martinho da Vila, Metallica, Napalm Death, Pedro Abrunhosa, Plasmatics, Prince, Queen, Ratos de Porão, Santana, Scooter, Slayer, Spice Girls, S.P.O.C.K, etc.

I like to sit at the computer and at the same time listen to low volume music in the background. This doesn't mean that I am listening to music all the time, but I do it a lot.

Even music makes one learn new things... with the Black Metal group "Acheron" I learned the expression: "The invisible crutch of the weak" which represents religion.

With the artist "Roger Waters" I learned the expression: "Old timer, who you gonna kill next?" which refers to the rotten old men in the power who keep the world away from progress.

With "Metallica", in one of their best albums ever, called "Ride the Lightning", I heard: "Out for my own, out to be free. One with my mind, they just can't see. No need to hear things that they say. Life is for my own to live my own away".

With "Evanescence" I learned the expression: "These wounds won't seem to heal... this pain is just too real... there's just too much that time cannot erase".

With Amorphis I heard: "Still searching for my way, the right way to be. Still pondering what I've done. I'm still thinking what I've said, still finding from within. And all that I know is still not enough".

I am not the kind of person who always enjoys all songs of each album... I usually only like a few, but there were some exceptions here and there which means that those groups/singers were really good in that particular album.

I am also after old albums which I had in vinyl and which I want now to find in CD format. Some of them are very old and hard to find, but I have found some already. I also noticed that some are very expensive in my country, while, if bought from international stores like Amazon, they are a lot cheaper even with the postage included.

Ed Sant'Ana:
Just to pay a little tribute to my cousin who died in a car accident in May 2005.

Ed Sant'Ana was born in Mozambique on 12.Feb.1966 with the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Composer, guitar player, singer and producer, he believed in and said that: "Music has various forms but only one touches us, the one that comes from the soul with the purpose to cure suffering, loneliness and sadness. That gift is given only to certain persons and they have the compromise to spread it as prophets messengers of Peace and Love... and so, it
also happens with the one who isn't a musician but who has the gift to pacify, spread tranquillity, love and truth".

Ed started his musical path after he decided to replace the football fields with the music stages. A self-taught person, with music of Carlos Santana, George Benson, Pat Matheny and others, he dedicated endless hours, with the guitar in his bedroom, learning to enrich, to strengthen his spirit and soul as a guitar player.

During his last three years, associated with Edgar Pinto, his cousin, their dreams fulfilled with the opening of a studio, opening the doors to those who had an inspiration for creating, composing and give opportunity to people to record what goes in their souls. From their partnership a project named "Terra e Ambiente" was created, the joining of two styles: "Terra" (Earth) - the hot sounds, pure, mystic and spiritual coming from the soul. "Ambiente" (Environment) - the balanced sounds and harmony coming from the technological environment creating a characteristic and unique sonority.

Ed dedicated a big part of his life to his songs. After he passed away, his parents found a large collection of songs which he had worked on, and released two albums:
- Sagrado (Sacred)
- Selvagem (Wild)

(Ed Sant'Ana)








Pets & Animals:
I like animals a lot. Animals are sometimes better than humans, because animals only kill for defence and food while humans kill for sport and fun.

Nature is very important since it provides us with food (animal/vegetal), drink (water) and oxygen (air). If man didn't destroy Nature, there would be a great balance in our planet.

Unlike man, Nature has innate intelligence. Nature has existed for aeons of years having achieved balance in the way it deals with certain problems. On the other hand, man has achieved a lot of knowledge by studying Nature. But man's knowledge is always limited and sometimes man advances and later he moves back again.

I have had a few pets during my life:

I once had a little bunny which I liked a lot but he had lots of health problems and died because of a brain tumour. I enjoyed a lot playing with him and hug him all the time and join my forehead against his forehead and also fill him with kisses. He was born on 31.May.1998 and died on 3.Mar.2000.


On 28.Jan.2002 my father found a kitten abandoned inside a paper box and adopted it. I sometimes call this cat "The Prince of Darkness" because he growls to some of the visitors and also likes to bite my arm when I hold him.


On 22.Sep.2003 my parents found an abandoned female cat, around 6 months old, and adopted it. This one was found in an old house full of abandoned cats.


On 22.Mar.2004 my parents adopted another abandoned cat. This very friendly and scared cat was found crawling under parked cars in the streets. He used to live in constant fear.


On 22.Sep.2007 another kitten was adopted. This one was found trapped inside the engine of an abandoned car. He was just a few weeks old. Months later we found out that the doctor made a mistake and that the cat was in fact female.


On 23.Jun.2008 a female kitten around two months old was found in the streets very ill. My parents took her home and nursed her until she started feeling better. Then we tried to find her a home but no one was interested or lacked the qualities, so we kept it.


On 14.Oct.2008 an injured male cat, around six months old, was found in the streets. He had both back legs broken. Probably the owners placed him inside a towel and threw him out of the window. My parents paid the surgery so that the cat could walk again and brought it home.


On 23.Jul.2009 my parents took three ill kittens from the streets. After they healed we were able to offer two of them, but no one accepted the 3rd one so we kept it.

On 22.Feb.2010 my parents took an injured cat from the streets which had one eye blind. They found someone to keep it but the owner treated the cat badly and had no conditions at home and so my parents removed the cat from the custody of that person.

On 4.Oct. 2010 my parents took an ill kitten from the streets who had diarrhoea. After weeks of treatment they tried to find someone to keep it but it was so used to our house that spent the night screaming in his new house that my parents had to bring him back home.


I am going to share with you all, my experience regarding religion, how I moved from Light to Darkness (or the opposite), from Heaven to Hell (or the opposite). I have gone through a lot since my early days and this is very precious information for those interested. My history is long so I will make a short summary.

The beginning:
While I was still a young child I had a Catholic education.

While my parents were away working to join money, my brother and I spent some time in the North with my grandparents who were very conservative and religious, specially my grandmother. I was always being told about God and Satan and not to fall in Satan's temptations since He was very bad.

My grandmother always gave a lot of importance to God and was always saying things like: "Don't do this that God will punish you", "Don't get close to the edge of the veranda/window or Satan will push you", "Don't mention the name of Satan or He may appear to you". She would also force me to pray at night before going to sleep to thank God for everything He was doing for me and to guide me in the right path. And when we passed by sandbaggers we would give them a coin.

I was told about Heaven and Hell like they had a lot of importance, as if Heaven was the goal for an entire existence. For my grandparents almost everything was a sin and Satan could be anywhere and try to steal my soul.

I was a young child and I received the teachings for real since I didn't have the power to reason between what was true and what was false, so I became enslaved by what I was taught.

From Heaven to Hell:
I didn't know back then, but who would tell that someday I would renounce to God and His values, my family, everything that in a way or the other, would represent the past or part of the past? Maybe the renounce was getting closer than I could be aware of.

It was when I was young that I realised how bad religions were and rebelled myself against them. Just like the Dark Lord, I too was against God.
I came to the conclusion that religions were bad and started thinking about Satan. "Satan" means "Opposer"... I too was the opposer of all religions controlling the world for they all worked by creating fear in their followers, manipulating people from childhood.

When I was young I already had an attraction for Satan but, due to my Christian background and education, I was scared of Satan. During the day it was easy to be on His side but, at night, I was scared of the dark. It is hard to explain... but now that I am a fusion of the three I am no longer scared of the dark.

It was this way that my "encounter" with Satan happened... I wanted to be free, to break away from the false conventions imposed without my consent while I was still a child. Satan represented the Opposer, someone who didn't impose FALSE restrictions in minds still young.

I used to like watching terror films on TV but at night I would be very scared while trying to fall asleep... I had a kind of phobia of the night and dark. But I had now become what the famous Count Dracula from the films called "The children of the night", which represents the beings that have nocturnal life.

I started to become fascinated by Satanism as I read, listened and talked more and more about the subject. Each time I was identifying myself more with it. I wanted to reinvent my convictions. I reached a point were Satan was Light and God Darkness. I no longer needed to fear the dark, for I "belonged" to Satan, for Satan was against all dogmas rebelling against God, and being against dogma it means we want to change thus representing progress, so I was against God who is not perfect.

How can God not be perfect? In the bible we can see and all believers claim that God is an infinite and perfect being present all around us and that He can hear the thoughts of all of us even before we think or speak (thus we can claim that God has total telepathy being telepathy the universal language of the Universes). I can never forget nor forgive those who in the name of God decimated whole civilizations thinking of gaining the kingdom of Heaven through their acts. If God is perfect how can He allow Earth to be a hell and not a paradise? Look around you and you will see death, poverty, illness, war, hunger... is this the creation of an almighty God? How many scientists and free thinkers were set to fire in the name of God in the middle ages, causing the stagnation and retrocession of Science for a very long period? How many books were burnt?

The year 2007 represents my official return to the Dark Side of the Force. I can't turn away from the Dark Side. The pressure is so much... it drags me into it... I can't run away... I can't deny my own being. For too long I have hidden myself in false answers - in the thing people call Light. The Dark Side seems like the piece which will fulfil my being. I have searched for answers in the so called Light and I haven't found them, so I had to turn to the Dark Side which for me represents the True Light.

There were times when I got disturbed about my beliefs due to some bad experiences during sleep involving very negative multidimensional entities. That made some questions to arise on my mind and I became confused. But I can now see the way. I can't return to the past because going back would mean to return to the bad which the Christian religion represents.

Anton LaVey once said: "I am like the lonely wolf which wanders in the woods". This made me remember an old conversation which I had with an IRC friend over ten years ago where I was told that our path is long, lonely and with several difficulties, and that only the ones passing through this will understand its real meaning. It is a path we must travel alone because normal people won't understand this and that is why we can't tell them the truth. They can't handle the truth.

Many years ago I also learned that the lonely wolf sometimes gets stronger when it gets together with others of his kind. This means that there are organisations/groups which make several roads cross together somewhere in time and that is sometimes beneficial as one can learn a lot from those experiences.

I can state without hesitating that I am the only person who likes LaVeyan Satanism in my whole family since they are all defenders of Christianity and I am certain that no one there would understand my way of being. We can then say that I am an exception to the rule, in my family.

My current religion belief:
I consider myself a fusion of Atheist/Satanist/Christian. It is hard to explain but I am like three in one with the best of each. I considered that both God and Satan were alien beings and that mankind got it all wrong. I had to learn the hard way, through experimentation, that the two concepts did exist. I still don’t have enough knowledge or experience to explain what God and Satan are but I do know that there are beings across the Universes from other dimensions who follow and represent them. I received MANY THOUSANDS of alien visitations in my bedroom during sleep through several multidimensional portals, and one day I discovered that some visitations were from beings of Satan, others were from beings of God and some others claimed to be from neither of them.

There are at least two kinds of Satanists now-a-days: Those who see Satan as an entity and those who see Him as a Dark Force of Nature. I believe that both are right, because there are alien entities made of energy, which means that Satan can be an alien being thus meaning He is an entity as well.

I once asked to an entity during sleep: "Who is God?" and he replied: "I would like to know that too". Then I asked: "Who is Satan?" and he replied: "It is the Prince of Evil, The Master of the Dragon". This happened around July 2004 but I couldn't find the notes I wrote down back then with the exact date.

Is "Darkness" stronger than "Light"? This is a good question and I have meditated a lot about it. Light is temporary and only works when there is energy. For example, when there is a power failure light goes off, while darkness doesn't need any power to work. Also, black holes in space absorb light. The issue here is that I consider darkness the true light, for most of those who claim to be from the Light are far from what they defend... they make use of the word "love" but they are worse than us.

I can't understand how some demented freaks commit crimes saying it was Satan who ordered them to. I can't understand how those persons can be taken seriously... if Satan doesn't communicate with me, why would He speak to those freaks?

In the past, when I thought that Satan represented unconditional love and that he was the opposition of God, a terrible and merciless entity, I joined two international satanic organisations which were the First Church of Satan and the Sinagogue of Satan for they represented the perfect humanity and in theory everything seemed perfect.

In January 2007 I was accepted as a member in the Associação Portuguesa de Satanismo.
What does this organisation have to offer? Here are some things:
   a) They represent Satanism in Portugal;
   b) They are a serious organisation;
   c) They have a forum to discuss several subjects;
   d) They have an electronic store where it is possible to buy stuff like books, necklaces, audio CDs, clothes, etc.;
   e) They organize events in Portugal and abroad;
   f) They have a periodical magazine called "Infernus".

On 31.Oct.2007 I went to a Moonspell concert in Lisbon where I met the core of the APS in person.


In January 2008 I
received the Portuguese hardcover version of the Satanic Bible, an edition limited to 111 exemplars. This special limited edition was released by the APS on 25.Dec.2007. It was a very important step to the people who speak Portuguese and who are interested in learning the philosophy of life brought to us by Anton LaVey.



FCoS                  SoS                   APS

About destiny I consider that each person makes its own destiny. However, some of us have been selected by higher entities of the Universes for a particular mission and if that mission is to help other beings it is our moral duty to do everything in our reach to accomplish our destiny.

MOST of the people who make use of God’s name use mind manipulation and enslavement techniques. MOST of those who defend God’s values above all, are scared that progress may lead people away from their God and that is the reason why they are against progress – they don’t want people to open their eyes.

I am for the destruction of religion and dogma which, if destroyed, would lead to progress and well being for all. Like Anton LaVey said: "Open your eyes that you may see, oh men of mildewed minds, and listen to me ye bewildered millions! For I stand forth to challenge the wisdom of the world; to interrogate the "laws" of man and of "God"!".

I believe there is something more after death but it has nothing to do with a heaven or hell. Quoting LaVey again: "And your spirit - your immortal spirit - shall live, not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained". It seems that what counts the most is the life we have here in our current physical bodies because the after death is an uncertain reality and it is risky to take the chance, thus we must enjoy life to its fullness. Like the APS (Associação Portuguesa de Satanismo) states in their site,
Hell is this place in which we live, this oppressing Christian capitalist society.

Jesus Christ Sananda:
Part of me may be Christian, but I don't like God, IF there really is a God like the scriptures say... but I like Jesus who was a kind person who attempted to turn mankind in the right direction, just like He did in other planets where he incarnated before. For what I understood, the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus.

Over 2000 years ago an Ascended Master known as Jesus Christ incarnated on Earth and with him a message of love was brought. This Christ is known in the UFO world as Jesus Sananda, an Ascended Master from the 10th dimension and therefore much more perfect than us, human beings of the 3rd dimension. I was told and also read that Sananda incarnated in several planets to contribute to their ascension and bring a message of love but, here on Earth, he was crucified. Still, in some other worlds where he incarnated, the people followed His message and now they are very advanced civilizations with planetary travel technology.

I still can’t understand how an Ascended Master like Sananda said so many things in the bible that look impossible for me to accept and the people in his time applauded Him and followed Him blindly, but my friend Bryon Smith told me that one of the reasons was because people were very poor back then and had little to eat and therefore would go after Jesus who, now and then, would multiply the food and perform cures which would be considered miracles.

Those who think that by belonging to a church or religious organisation will get them a seat in heaven are wrong because even if there is a heaven, which I still have no evidence to state so, only God can choose who will get in and who will stay out. It is all up to God to decide, like my friend Bryon Smith stated several times. You can’t buy a seat in heaven no matter how wealthy you are. People should do good for being good and not for gaining the kingdom of heaven

On 2.Oct.2007 José Paulino told me on Windows Live Messenger an important sentence quoted here with his permission: "I admire your Christ, I just don't like your Christians". I believe this sentence means that Jesus Christ was important but that most of His so called followers don't follow His pattern.

On 2.Nov.2012 Bryon Smith wrote an important sentence on Facebook: "All the things people hang onto and worship in their lives will one day be dust. No one can take it with them. We came into this world with nothing, we will leave with nothing. The sooner we understand this the better our lives will be".

Fallen Angels and the Sigil of Baphomet:
Some piece of information which I learned:
"Angel" means "Messenger" (thanks to Bryon Smith for teaching me this). A "Fallen Angel" is a celestial entity which has fallen from the grace of God. It is commonly referred to as "Demon".

I have also done some research regarding the "Baphomet" symbol which some sources claim to be related to the Templars and is used by Satanists. This is a very old magical symbol.

The reason why it has an inverted Pentagram (a star with five points) is because the Pentagram pointing up connects to God/Divinity and the inverted Pentagram connects with the opposite, or man.

There is a goat inside the Pentagram representing Satan who defies heaven. It is the so called goat of Mendes.

The Pentagram turned up means on the top "Adam" and on the bottom "Eve" while the inverted one means the demons "Samael" and "Lilith". Samael is said to be a "white light genius from Mars".

Around the Pentagram there are five Hebrew characters which are read from the most bottom position counter-clockwise and mean "Leviathan" which is one of the four crown Princes of Hell like it is written in the Satanic Bible. These
Hebrew characters are filled in the Church of Satan special version while in the original version they are just outlined.

According to the Satanic Bible, there are four crown Princes of Hell, each one related to an element:
  - Satan (Fire)
  - Lucifer (Air)
  - Belial (Earth)
  - Leviathan (Water)

On 11.Feb.2011 I was told that the "Great Architect of the Universe" was Lucifer and that when someone reaches the highest degree in the Freemasonry he has to sign a paper acknowledging that. No wonder Aleister Crowley was a Freemason.

The Satanic Bible:
This book was written by Anton LaVey, the black pope founder of the Church of Satan. It explains his philosophies of indulgence and freedom and discusses Satanic Rituals. This book doesn't have anything to do with devil worshipping nor sacrificing virgins. It is the manifesto of a new religion separated from the traditional Judaeo-Christian definitions of Satanism. It is about the importance of man as being his own God and breaking free from the chains of this Christian oppressive society.

In the introduction of this philosophy book, Magus Peter H. Gilmore says that this book has the potential to change everyone's life. He says that, by looking at its pages, we might see ourselves because its principles are those which we have been living all along we can remember. This means that if we feel a familiarity with the book, we will realize that we are part of a dispersed meta-tribe whose appropriated name to designate it is "Satanist".

Magus Gilmore also says that the sentences written in this book give the feeling that we have met LaVey in person and when he met "the Doctor" (that is how the persons close to LaVey used to call him) they knew they were facing the person who wrote the book. In opposition to the leaders of other religions who claimed to have received their knowledge from superior entities, LaVey gained his knowledge from the study of man, materialism, pragmatism and individualism during his life.

Many people claimed that LaVey plagiarized the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ragnar Redbeard in his book, but LaVey had a simple philosophy about that saying that, if something appropriated had already been written, why reinvent the wheel?


"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name."


("I am the law of the world")


"Bathe in the beams of my illumination"
            Lucifer, the Light Bearer


"God is dead"
             Friedrich Nietzsche


"There is no God above man"    ;It means you control your own destiny
              Aleister Crowley


"There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth!"
              Anton Szandor LaVey



"We are all inherently divine, the co-creators of a New World Order! In this fashion we shall create Gods in Our Own Image, for we are the Creator, and we are the Created."
           Lord Egan


"Hate those that earn it, as you would love those that earn it. As Above, so below."
          Michael S. Margolin


I am very interested in the progress both of technology and science. I want to see the moment when we can live for hundreds or thousands of years, or more, and travel through space from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy, spreading ourselves all over the Universes.

I thought that 2003 would be a year of answers, but 2004 arrived and still I had not found answers for many basic things. Fall after fall I can’t find the answers. I still haven’t found the meaning of life for instance and I can’t find the answers to basic questions such as: "What is wrong and what is right? What is good and what is evil?". I have NOT found the basic answers to life: "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my place?". What knowledge have I achieved then? Maybe I looked in the wrong places, but the truth is I haven't found the answers... I have spent a great part of my life searching for the answers without success.

In the Christmas of 2009 I received an e-mail from my old University Professor MOB and he told me an amazing thing about the purpose of life which I searched for most of my life. He told me that he didn't know if there was a destiny and that he too had meditated about the meaning of life and concluded that, if life has any use, it is to contribute little or much to the progress of mankind, to its elevation above the animal ancestry. Among other activities, to defend the viability of a developed society within the Christian parameters like ours, it is a positive contribution.

PSI powers:
I am also very interested in PSI powers and I have some which I am trying to improve and others which I am trying to develop. I don’t have much control over those powers and they happen only occasionally:

  • Lucid Dreams: This power allows me to gain consciousness during dreams and feel the dreams physically and I can also think and take actions as I wish. All feelings are real.

    I like to sleep a lot and dream. I have many Lucid Dreams, Lucid Experiences and OBEs when I sleep a lot and I also usually cheat in the dreams making things repeat until they happen the way I want. It is great to be in an imaginary world where things happen randomly and you can move yourself and adapt to things.

  • Lucid Experiences: This is a mix of Lucid Dreams and OBEs. I appear in places where there are other persons and it is just as if I was there physically. I tried to open my eyes sometimes to awake and I was not in my bed but somewhere else. All feelings are real. Sometimes I wonder if some of my Lucid Experiences are in fact real teleportation of myself (spirit) to other realities since all that happens there and the answers/way of acting of the beings who appear there seem to be too intelligent for being simply dreams.

    I’ve had THOUSANDS of Lucid Experiences
    and I am not sure if my Lucid Experiences are just stronger Lucid Dreams all the time or if sometimes are more than that because of all their characteristics. Sometimes, when I awake from Lucid Experiences, I have my body either very cold or very hot (sweating a lot) and sometimes even my breath and heart become very fast – it is very strange…

    What makes my Lucid Experiences so wonderful? The fact that I can actually think, see, feel, taste, talk and hear things. Yes, the images appear in the retina of my eyes just like I was there and I can touch things and persons and feel them physically just like I was touching them in real life. My Lucid Experiences proved that “lucid sex” is the best there is providing fantastic feelings. It is a pity my experiences last so little time... One moment you are there and the other you see black. We could say that Lucid Experiences are like the teleportation of the Etheric Body to other place, like as if we were there physically.

  • Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs): I appear in houses similar to mine and can move around and interact with the persons that appear. All feelings are real. The problem is that the places where I appear are never really equal and the objects change shape easily. I tried also several times to look at my watch during OBEs to see what time it was and the time digits were corrupted.

    Usually my Lucid Experiences/OBEs happen with me appearing in my bedroom and house and then I can move around the house and outside, but the places don’t look 100% like the real ones and I can interact with the people that appear there. Usually, shapes of people and objects tend to change. Sometimes I also appear in strange unfamiliar places. I had also feelings of floating, passing through walls, hearing voices in my head and music being played in CD quality in my head, both in Portuguese and in English, and some of the music was unknown to me.

  • Alien calling with energy (name unknown): This happens in real time during sleep when I gain consciousness. I concentrate on the ear buzzing then I start calling the race of aliens I want and my brain gets loaded with energy which propagates to my body which gets solid as a rock and starts vibrating a lot. All this for some seconds. For many years that this kind of experience doesn't happen to me.

  • Telepathy: The universal language of communication. I am still after this one. Some claimed that I already have it but don’t know how to use it. The truth is I was offered unconscious telepathy by an alien (I asked him and many others for it) during sleep but all I was hearing was lots of voices in a single voice so I had no control over it and when I asked for help the aliens removed the power against my will. I also asked the aliens for TOTAL telepathy and when I was about to be given it I changed my mind because the alien told me:
        a) You will hear voices for the rest of your life;
        b) It can work badly.
    With such a scenario I had to refuse and started begging only to God every day for the gift of telepathy and self-control. Asking the ordinary aliens for it is a risk because I don’t know which ones to trust and they probably won’t give me the self-control I need. Still, in my search for telepathy, I asked several aliens just to give me enough telepathy to telepath with the aliens consciously and one of them told me that people couldn’t ask for it… it had to be offered and by kind races. Some persons told me that telepathy can affect sleep but I am already used to having my sleep affected because I am always having altered states of consciousness during it.

    n 1998 a friend I met on Internet called Marmiga tried to help me with my Telepathy search and advised me to listen to the radio with headphones and with the sound as low as possible. I did this for some time late at night without any success except that just after doing this technique I would go to bed and my ears would still hear the music I was playing on the stereo. Jean Berger told me later that, by using this technique, the telepathy developed would be limited and more successful to contact with beings of the lower astral.

    In July 2002 I found a book that taught telepathy and ordered it. I had been after such a book for many years but only after finding the George Adamski Foundation International was when my dream became true. Not only it was a book I had been after for so long but it was also written by George Adamski which was one of the greatest contactees and so it was a trustable book. To help me develop telepathy I also had ordered a book from Amazon called “Psychic Development for Beginners”. Currently I have more telepathy books. Unfortunately I have invested a lot in books and still I have little success – The search is immense and the knowledge is little.


    With the book "Psychic Development for Beginners" I learned several exercises. I also learned that psychic activity can occur when the brain is in alpha or theta state and that the brain generates alpha waves whenever a person closes his eyes: closing the eyes may be enough! I also learned the existing brain waves:
      Beta – 12-15+ cycles per second.
      Alpha – 6-14 cps.
      Theta – 4-8 cps.
      Delta – Less than 4 or 5 cps.
    In this book there is a very good psychic exercise to achieve a basic psychic level: It is written that we should imagine a spiral staircase with 10 steps and we must imagine ourselves at the top of the staircase and get down step by step from 9 to 0. For each step we go down we think something like "Deeper psychic level". After we reach the bottom step we think something like "Deepest psychic level" and then we can just say that every time we want to achieve that state counting from 3 to 1 imagining a spiral staircase flashing on our mind. We must first do this exercise with our eyes closed and later, sometimes, also do it with the eyes open.

    In October 2003 I found on Internet a company called World of Alternatives selling a CD with 20 minutes of audio making use of the little known Schumann Resonance, supplemented by carefully selected Theta harmonics, claiming that it would help develop/improve Telepathy on the people who would listen to the CD. I decided to give it a try by ordering the CD and I even bought a new set of headphones to hear it better. It is written in their site that brainwave harmonics make use of binaural technology to produce very specific combinations of frequencies in the brain and that these frequency combinations work like a key or a software program to unlock a specific function of the brain.

    Through personal experience and the books I have read all over these years, I found out that with telepathy it is easier to be the sender and harder to be the recipient.

    One way for someone to check if his telepathic powers are working is to ask the entity he is telepathing with for a Maths test. In other words, you ask for a calculation which is impossible for you to do mentally, such as the multiplication of two large numbers, and the other side gives you an answer and you check with a calculator. If the test goes well you really have your telepathy working.

  • Audition powers: When I am sleeping during the day and have earplugs and big earplugs over the smaller earplugs, sometimes I hear background sounds from the surroundings as if my ears were unprotected. Also, when there is silence, if I concentrate on the ears I can hear a buzzing.

  • Channelling Ascended Masters/Higher Entities: I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to do it since all the aliens I asked for help didn’t help me at all. I phoned and asked my friend Ariana from Canada how to do it on 2.Sep.2001 and she gave me some tips which I started doing right in that night for sometime. Of course that physical contact with any Higher Entities is better than channelling since channelling is subjective. After realising how subjective it was and how many people were involved in false channellings, I decided to give up.

An IRC friend from DALnet said on 3.Sep.2003, regarding paranormal powers, the following:
<jaban> People ask, "what can I do to become an ircop?"
<jaban> There's really nothing you can do to become an ircop.
<jaban> You do what you do, and you either become one or you don't.

The same friend on 7.Oct.2003 said:
<jaban> If it makes you feel any better, most people look for the answer they want instead of the truth

Moldavite crystal:
After reading two sites about crystals I got fascinated with a crystal called Moldavite and decided to give it a try. I also contacted a friend of the UFO investigator Paulo Cosmelli who works with crystals and what she said was fantastic and she even told me a shop in Lisbon where I could buy the crystal. The moment I had a chance I went to the shop (26.Jun.2002) and bought a piece for my personal use on the forehead during sleep. According to Mir RA on her site and making a small summary of the text there with her permission:

"Moldavite is the only gem-quality ore with extraterrestrial connections. Over 15 million years old, this meteoric 'glass' was formed from an impact with the Earth in Czechoslovakia.

Moldavite has an association with the chakras of the 3rd Eye and heart. This crystal allows the wearer to connect to Extraterrestrial and Higher Beings acting as a walkie-talkie. Perception awakens, centring the user on their Mission. This stone develops the wearers’ manifestation abilities.

Moldavite holds immense potential, allowing broader ‘vision' and understanding by interconnecting with dimensions. It activates the Chakra system.

To activate the 3rd Eye, meditate with the stone taped to the forehead, the stone is recommended to be worn on the heart chakra which will connect to the soul. It is recommended to mount it in jewellery in its raw form.

While the stone activates, you may experience certain symptoms like fever, diarrhoea, fast heart pulsations, headaches, dizziness, and nauseas, etc., these symptoms will last until the stone adjusts with you which takes about three months.

After wearing the Moldavite for a couple of weeks, pimples started appearing on my forehead in the location of the crystal. And, after wearing the crystal taped to my forehead during sleep for many months, my experiences started becoming a lot stronger than before. I reached a point where they were so real and scary that I had to give up... I couldn't take it any longer. And I wasn't getting much (if any) knowledge from the experiences.
I was using tape for wounds, a tape made of a different plastic, white and full of holes for the skin to breath.

UFO/Ghost Detectors:
In the Summer of 2004 I received two UFO Detectors and one Ghost Detector sent to me by Frank Abate from Abate Electronics. The Ghost Detector was a gift and he also made a special price for the UFO Detectors. I ordered two so that I could offer one to my friend investigator Paulo Cosmelli, so that he could test it on the countryside far from big cities. Because on the countryside there are more chances of UFOs appearing.

It is well known and reported that some UFOs cause interferences in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and in the electrical equipment in the vicinity of the ships. So, why not buy a device to detect the interferences caused by nearby UFOs? And that is what I did, and I bought the most powerful model - the EMM-Event.

The EMM-Event model has a detecting range of 25 to 200 miles. It also allows turning off the alarm and just be alerted by a red led, which can be turned off manually, and the 9 volt battery that the device uses lasts for around a year or even more. The EMM-Event also has the feature of setting the sensibility level so that it can be adapted to the local where it is being used to get rid of false alarms caused by interferences from close electrical equipment.

On trips to outside the big city I have been able to detect changes in the electromagnetic fields. Once it happened in a beach and the changes were really strong since, even decreasing the sensibility of the detector, it continued to detect and I had to turn the sensibility knob all counter-clockwise (less).

On several trips to Alentejo, in the South of Portugal, it also detected lots of changes now and then. And on the way back, doing the inverse way, it didn't detect on the same places which means they couldn't have been caused by electrical devices from Earth placed at those locations. Alentejo is a nice place for sightings since there are lots of plain areas with very few houses in some places.

One thing is for sure: even by detecting the UFOs I haven't been able to see them. I looked all around to the skies and didn't see any objects. Of course that maybe happened because the range is up to 200 miles, so the UFOs were probably too far away for the naked eye to see. But there are other possible answers, such as the UFOs being small (like orbs) or using camouflage.

(both photos dated from 30.Jun.2004)

A possible cure for cancer:
Cancer is a malign tumour with corrupted cells. As time goes by, the corrupted cells start spreading themselves and damaging other cells. This will eventually lead to the death of the person who has cancer. The best thing to do is to detect cancer as early as possible.

While speaking with my friend Jaban from Canada regarding cancer, he told me that it was possible to cure cancer and that there was a clinic in Mexico with the purpose of doing that. It is the Hoxsey Clinic (Alternative Cancer Clinic) whose site is located at:

Since 1963 that this clinic has provided Hoxsey therapy. It was one of the first alternative cancer facilities in Mexico. There are several books and videos available on Hoxsey.

According to my friend, it is a very successful clinic. The medicines they give are illegal in the USA because they contain components of a drug, therefore this means that one can only do the treatment in Mexico.

The therapy there is cheaper than other therapies. The last time I visited the site it was written there that it only costs $3500 for the therapy no matter how long it takes, and that in the first appointment we only need to pay 30% .

I thought I would share this vital information with anyone who would need help regard cancer.

Zeitgeist the film:
In June 2008, a supermarket customer offered me a DVD with the free film "Zeitgeist" which he downloaded in XVID and converted to DVD.

"Zeitgeist" is a term that represents the spirit and values of a time.

I watched the film and realised it was very important if it was really true.

I realised so much its importance that in August 2008 I ordered 50 bulk DVDs of it from the original site to offer to some friends (there was a special price for the bulk DVDs which made each around $2 with postage included).

The version the supermarket customer offered me had low quality because it was converted. So, by buying the original DVD version, I would be getting a full quality film.

On 23.Sep.2008 the DVDs finally arrived from the customs and I picked them up at the post offices after paying the taxes.

I was so eager to find out what would be the opinion of my researcher friends after they watched the film.

According to the official site:
"Zeitgeist was produced by Peter Joseph, created as a non-profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on the official site lists the basic sources used/referenced and the developing Interactive Transcript includes exact source references and further information. A Q&A page is also being developed.

It is important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed. For example, some information contained in Part 1 and Part 3, specifically, is not obtained by simple keyword searches on the Internet. You have to dig deeper. For instance, very often people who look up "Horus" or "The Federal Reserve" on the Internet draw their conclusions from very general or biased sources. Online encyclopaedias or text book Encyclopaedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist. However, if one takes the time to read the sources provided, they will find that what is being presented is based on documented evidence. Non-Profit DVDs / Free Video Downloads are available through the Downloads page.

It is Peter Joseph's hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the Truth, but find out for themselves, for Truth is not told, it is realized."


(both photos dated from 23.Sep.2008)

In April 2009 I ordered the DVD "Zeitgeist Addendum" and it arrived around a couple of weeks later.

(photo dated from 14.Apr.2009)

On 3.Feb.2011 I pre-ordered the DVD "Zeitgeist Moving Forward"
which arrived around a month later.

(photo dated from 6.Mar.2011)

Project Vitamin D:
On 19.Feb.2009 I initiated "Project Vitamin D" with the goal of restoring the calcium in my bones and teeth.

Since I am addicted to Coca-Cola, my teeth started becoming damaged and transparent.

I also used to drink a lot of milk, but, because I never go out in the sun, I had no Vitamin D so that the calcium could adhere.

Then I found out that there was a special milk with Vitamin D+Calcium. It was expensive but it was the only way of restoring my teeth and bones.

I have decided to give it a try then and have hope it will work.

According to the producers of the milk, Mimosa:
"Calcium has an important role in our organism: it helps build and maintain the bone structure, besides it participates in the muscular function, transmission of nervous impulses and blood coagulation.

The bone is a dynamic structure in permanent renovation, and every day stored Calcium is withdrawn from the bones for several functions of the organism.

Thus, it is important to assure the daily ingestion of Calcium in proper quantities and during a lifetime.

Two glasses of Mimosa milk (250 ml) satisfy 88% of the daily recommended dose.

Vitamin D helps the absorption and fixation of Calcium in the organism."


Project Eye Bags:
On 1.Apr.2009 I started "Project Eye Bags".

Due to the fact that I was getting to bed very late because of being at the computer for too many hours, and also due to sleeping problems and other things, I started having big dark circles around the eyes.

What called my interest to this was the fact that I took photos of me at age 35 to add to Alex Chiu's testimonials and people complained that I looked bad, which was true. So, I had to find a solution for that.

After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that a way of trying to fix that would be to buy a cosmetic product for the effect.

I bought a stick from Vichy called "Hydra Mag Stick Yeux". This product was expensive (near €15) but it lasts for around 2 months if used twice a day, in the morning and at night before going to bed.

After a month or so, the eye bags became a lot less noticeable.

Project Teeth Repair:
On 18.Jul.2011 I began this project by buying the toothpaste "Sensodyne Repair and Protect" at the supermarket, since my teeth are damaged because of Coca-Cola and alike.

This recent product/technology may help me and I am going to give it a try, even if it is very expensive.

According to the official site, this new toothpaste contains a unique formula named NOVAMIN® which is a technology based on concentrated calcium, which aids to repair vulnerable areas, with the natural components of the teeth construction. When in contact with the saliva, the formula NOVAMIN® releases those components which are calcium and phosphate. This creates a mineral protecting layer. The regular use of this toothpaste, twice a day, repairs and adds protection to those vulnerable areas.

Supressed Inventions:
In September 2013 I bought the book "Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries", after knowing about its existence many years ago through my friend Glenn Steckling:

More on this in the next site update, since I haven't had the time to read it.


I am very interested in aliens and UFOs and I had my first UFO contact when I was 7 years old: when I was a kid I saw a rectangular UFO here in Portugal in a city named Tercena in the private school where I studied and, with me, there were other kids. Even my brother told me that he was there and saw it too. The UFO was a rectangular object with a small rectangular red light going on and off and it moved right to left very slowly and without making any sound. It was night (probably Winter) and the object was not very far away from us. Around 1999 I went to visit the old private school and took photos of the place and I am sharing here the best photo.

(photo of the sighting place taken around 1999)

It is just a question of time until the truth regarding Extraterrestrials is known to the world and, once that happens, we will assist to the downfall of religions and lots of changes will happen to the world and we will progress a lot. I belong to the kind of group of individuals and organisations that want the truth above all and we don’t fall for the lies told to us by governments, which will do anything to prevent the progress of mankind and keep values such as money and power look the most important ones. The governments try to hide the truth from us but, one day, it will stop and the world will know. I believe that the truth is out there and not inside of us, and that with the help of higher beings we could reach part of the truth since for 1000s of years that the aliens study the Universes and everything within. I too want to hug and kiss our space brothers.

Many people say: "There is no such thing as aliens. I will only believe after I see for myself". Yet they believe in God who they never saw and never will. It is because most people on Earth lack a great amount of intelligence that we still aren’t officially in contact with the aliens. People don’t want to progress… they are too concerned about their little miserable and meaningless lives that they can’t or don’t want to see that there is more out there… If they really wanted they could make Earth a Heaven, but they don’t want. The Universes are very vast, how can someone even think that we could be alone with so many star systems and planets around? I am stuck on Earth with stupid brainless people and I feel like I don’t belong here… I feel I was born to travel through space and interact with many alien races... To be limited to this planet is very annoying. There should be given a chance for people to decide whether to stay or leave the planet.

The coming of the aliens should bring Earth at least (in the most logical order):
   a) Friendship;
   b) Knowledge;
   c) Technology.

Planet Earth is surrounded by huge amounts of spaceships, some bigger than whole countries. The reason why we can’t see the ships is because they are in a different dimension (or density) than our. Yes, I am talking about multidimensional spaceships piloted by multidimensional beings who have technology to shift between dimensions whenever they wish. We, human beings on Earth, belong to the 3rd dimension and things in dimensions above our cannot be seen or touched and can coexist in the same physical space. This makes possible the theory in which multiple Universes may exist. The higher the dimension the less physical mass the beings there have and higher is the vibration of the particles and, in some dimensions, we have beings made entirely of energy. Earth is visited by many 100s of alien races.

The aliens come at least from one of the following places:
   a) Other planets;
   b) Other dimensions;
   c) Inside the Earth;
   d) Underwater;
   e) Time travellers.

If governments, instead of spending money in military programs and weaponry, would apply it to spacial technology, we could soon have spaceships just like in Star Trek. Wars are wrong and all mankind should live in everlasting peace and harmony.

In 1998 I initialised "Project Contact" which had the purpose of contacting the aliens at any cost, even if I had to be implanted and become an experiment for them. Since a few months before the end of 1998 that I started calling the aliens every night many dozens of times in the hope that they might capture my brain waves and might decide to pay me a little physical visit. The list of the aliens I was calling did change during time. I even started calling the aliens from inside Lucid Dreams, Lucid Experiences and OBEs in the hope of getting different brain waves. Download
my book "Project Contact" available from the Downloads page on my homepage.

Area 51:

In the US there is a place called "Area 51" (also known as Groom Lake) in Nevada where the government develops and tests new military aircraft.

It is said that they use alien technology in the new aircraft since they have there lots of crashed (and shot down) UFOs and even some dead and alive alien beings.

It is also said that there are underground facilities with many floors.

Everyone knew that "Area 51" was real... but only President Bill Clinton revealed it to the world... before that, the US government denied it even though for decades that there are photos of it.

The US has 50 states. "Area 51" is the 51st state and each state has its own rules. That is why they named it "Area 51".

After the Roswell incident in New Mexico back in 1947, the US government created a secret group named "Majestic 12" with the purpose of hiding information from the public regarding the UFO phenomena and also cause disinformation.

(Photo, courtesy of James Carrion from MUFON - 2.Jan.2009)

UFO organisations I am member of:
I am currently a member of two important UFO organisations, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and SPO (Sociedade Portuguesa de Ovnilogia). I am the Portuguese Translator and Representative for MUFON and I even have the "MUFON Field Investigator's Manual":



About MUFON:
Founded in 1969, the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON) is a non-profit corporation dedicated, through its volunteers, to resolving the scientific enigma known collectively as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).


The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity through investigation, research & education.

I. Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide.

II. Promote Research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet.

III. Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.



About SPO:
The SPO was born in a meeting which took place on the 9th of February 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The founding of a research association of the UFO phenomena, dedicated to a serious and with a scientific root goal.

I. Gather evidence of the UFO phenomena in Portuguese territory.

II. Use the scientific method, place and test hypothesis which may help reveal the nature of that phenomena.

III. Promote a serious, objective and factual approach of the UFO phenomena.

IV. Divulge the results of the investigations.

V. Promote a national and international
dialogue of the subject.

My alien heritage:

I already suspected and hoped that my soul had an origin outside Earth but only after the Galactic Reading of Jean Michel (Commander Lyur of the Ashtar Command), which I received in November 2001, I had an official confirmation of that. I had a human body and a mission on Earth but my origins were far from here – I was a Starseed. The Galactic Readings of Commander Lyur are based on information stored in the computers of the space fleet since he is in contact with them and anyone can order a galactic reading.

Commander Lyur is trying to join as many of the starseeds as possible. The team is all spread around the globe. It is said that people don’t become a member of the Ashtar Command, they are born one. And that after the aliens are officially recognized and do mass landings, the starseeds will all be joined and meet aboard their ships since the mission on planet Earth will be finished.

JEAN MICHEL/Commander LYUR is a Journalist, Writer, International Speaker, Member of the French Free Journalists and Writers Association, Member of the French Photographers Reporters Cameramen and Moviemakers Association. He was born in France on May 8, 1947 and was contacted by a large UFO when he was 18. He was reawakened to his reality of being a star person, a volunteer from the Galactic Confederation and a crew member of the Intergalactic/Interdimensional Fleet commanded by Ashtar and Sananda. After many close encounters with starships, he was contacted again by the Starship "Light" at the age of 33, this time being asked to go public and teach Earth people how to get a galactic consciousness. The Star Nations told him that they could not officially land and accept planet Earth into the Federation unless invited to do so by earthlings. Both should meet half-way.

JEAN MICHEL authored 5 books about the Spiritual Program of the Star Brothers (in French, two being translated in German). He was an official representative and anchoring person for Western Europe for the "harmonic Days": Harmonic Convergence, Starlink, Crystal Lightlink, 8:8, 11:11, 12:12.

Regarding my Alien Heritage, my Galactic Name is Makro. It was told to me by two aliens who visited me during sleep with me in an altered state of consciousness: a Nordic male and a female. The Nordic male just said that word like he was calling me. Weeks later I asked the female directly what my Galactic Name was and she told me "Makro" and when I asked her if it was written with a "k" she said two letters and the rest also had more letters and was very complex to write but she told me that the important thing was not how to write it but how to say it.

According to Commander Lyur and regarding my Galactic Reading:
My galactic lineage may come as far as the race known as the Annunaki and as far back as Lyra. I was also told that I belonged to the Saturn Command and that I worked in the research ships as a Science Officer and that I am ground personnel here at Earth.

The beginning of my contacts with the aliens:
My contact with aliens, according to notes I wrote down, started on 18.Oct.1998 during sleep. Somewhere during the morning (still night) I was in bed having realistic dreams (knowing they were dreams) when suddenly I remembered that I had asked a telepath (and not only him) from the USA who said to be in contact with the aliens to set up a meeting. I started thinking: "What if they come now that is dark?". I got into panic. A little later I felt the sheets of my bed being all pulled down. I opened my eyes and saw an alien face in front of me looking at me. A yellow brightness was coming out of him. I started yelling but then I remembered: "But it was me who wanted this" so I told him I was sorry for yelling. I looked at my right side to see if I had awakened my brother and there was an alien next to him looking at his face. I then felt my body floating up in the air… and it ALL ENDED… I sat on bed with a smiling face, looked at the clock and it was 6:30am.

This experience was extremely real and, for many months and years, I still questioned myself about how real it had been. It is possible that, when I was much younger, I had more contacts since I remember strange things happening during sleep and also feeling pain in my teeth several times.

One year after my first contact, 12.Sep.1999, I had another possible visitation. I started hearing a buzzing, gained consciousness during sleep and start calling the beings of light. I opened my eyes and saw a small pinkish alien floating above me and I got very scared and my whole body got solid as a rock with all the fear and I could hardly move.

On 8.Apr.2000 I was in bed sleeping in a conscious state and I received a telepathic message in English which consisted more or less of the following: "We could not visit you in your house but we visited you in the house of your compassion. We placed an implant in your mouth in a place where the CIA, nor the FBI nor the dentist can find it". When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it was

The year 2000 was when the visitations started becoming a routine. I was already getting used to Lucid Dreams and Lucid Experiences but these were defying my knowledge. They were a lot more real than Lucid Experiences. In several occasions, objects were connected to my body causing a big pain. I always thought they were stronger Lucid Experiences but one day, in July 2000, one of the visitors was a strange humanoid who looked like an astronaut and inserted a probe in my mouth which felt like a metallic object. It was so hard to breath and it felt cold that I had to "awake" to get rid of what was happening and only after lots of attempts I was capable of awakening and even after that I could still feel the feeling of the probe. "An astronaut?! It could only be my imagination playing tricks on me", I thought. Some time later I saw several pictures of aliens on the Internet and one of them was similar to that astronaut. I thought to myself something like: "Damn!!! How can this be?! Is all this true and not dreams after all?!". As things went by I started moving away from the dreams theory although I was open to many points of view.

Some time later things continued happening and I decided to phone my friend Paulo Cosmelli who is an investigator from the International UFO organisation Non Siamo Soli, who I met in a UFO lecture a long time ago. I talked with him and told him what was happening and I found out that most matched his knowledge about other cases. I talked with Paulo Cosmelli several times and everything matched - I had aliens who appeared invisibly, others doing things to my body, I even had aliens who extracted sperm from me, some who had sex with me and some who inserted probes into my body. Most of the aliens I couldn’t hear but I could see their lips moving sometimes. I even described one of the races of eagle faces who visited me and it matched the knowledge of the investigators - It was a very small eagle-like alien being, yellow and with red eyes. When that alien appeared over me, 14.Oct.2000, to stick me implants I was surrounded by a strange camouflage device which didn’t allow me to see around me. Similar camouflage devices were used in many visitations to prevent me from seeing things.

I got very happy with all the visitations and started wanting more and more and got obsessed with the visitations. I started calling the aliens every time I gained consciousness during sleep and started having up to 10+ visitations per day which were making me a very happy person. Some visitations were hard to tell if they were real or just Lucid Experiences because they mixed a lot of fantasy which was normal since they always happened while I was sleeping in an altered state of consciousness. But some visitations were so real and so clear that when they happened I had no doubt about them. What made them even more credible is that, now and then, aliens who had already appeared weeks/months before would reappear. I even saw a very scary looking reptoid and a praying mantis and this 2nd one visited me several times and in his last visitation, 13.Nov.2000, he immobilized me and placed a probe into my mouth. I told him in thoughts that there was no need for such violence since I would allow him to do that to me but I continued immobilized. The aliens I could hear (I COULDN’T hear most) would speak to me telepathically in Portuguese (other languages were seldom used) and would hear my thoughts since many times I wasn’t capable of speaking because only noise would come out of my mouth, not words. I also noticed that even if I sometimes could see the bedclothes, sometimes I could pass them with my arms as if they didn’t exist and I was also completely naked sometimes as I could feel my body and couldn’t feel any clothes on. I also attempted several times to pass my hands in front of my face and saw through them as if they were transparent.

I’ve had MANY THOUSANDS of experiences regarding aliens. I have seen, felt and heard things no one would ever believe. I’ve heard of MANY THOUSANDS of people having similar experiences too and I was told by some friends about a book on Amazon called "Communion: A true story" about similar experiences.

What makes me feel that my experiences aren't just dreams? The fact that the experiences are too real and too intelligent, because my regular dreams are very confuse. I was also told words during my experiences which years later I found in books. There are still words that I haven't found but I have hope of finding someday. I found words like "Parallax" and "Transformer" in books relating the aliens and UFOs subject. The last word in the commas was from a sentence regarding the brain and multidimensional portals told to me by a human entity during an experience. I also found the word "Paralax" on 12.Jul.2013 in my huge Portuguese Porto Editora dictionary... a coincidence?

Also, my psychiatrist at the time thought this whole thing was simply hallucinations and she said that the way to prove it would be to increase one of the medicines I was taking back then - the AMITREX 200 MG - but I increased it and the experiences continued. The only thing that this AMITREX did to me was to affect my arms... A very bad side effect.

In the beginning I had a very good image of the aliens and would allow them to do anything to me, but after nice looking human male aliens tried to abuse me sexually and did things to my sexual organs, which caused me lots of physical and psychological problems, I got extremely scared and stopped calling for the aliens and tried to deny them all authorization to do things to me and it didn’t work many times. I got into a very bad moment of my life. I was sleeping at night and was always being awakened by entities who were always sticking things into my body causing me pain. Under my eyes the skin became dark because of the sleeping problems.

<Master_of_Chaos> In the past I wanted to be an abductee
<Master_of_Chaos> now I see how hard it is
<Master_of_Chaos> not be capable to trust your own body
<Master_of_Chaos> not to know what is done to it
<Master_of_Chaos> only pain
<Master_of_Chaos> and silence

Some two days after stopping the call, after meditating a lot, I decided to continue with the call and also ask for the help, guidance, protection and love of Ashtar Sheran. I came to the conclusion that even if all aliens seemed to just want my body there must also exist nice ones out there who really need my help and I can and must sacrifice a bit of me to help others, it is only fair, gratifying and a moral obligation as a human. Like Spock said: "Because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one". Of course I will only give them permission to mess with my body if their objectives seem pure. Besides, if I help them, maybe one day I will have the physical contact which I so badly want and maybe some more answers.

On 15.Oct.2000 I was visited by invisible entities and after I refused them authorization to mess with my body unless they became visible and their intentions were good, one of them became visible on my right side, then he placed his hands around my neck very angry asking if I was happy and I thought I was and then we had a little chat while other alien, still invisible, was on my left side placing lots of implants all over my body. He told me his race was Orionic and asked me where I was from. When I explained to him I was from Earth, from the Solar System, he mentioned the 12th planet and I started asking him for information about the 12th planet but he didn’t say a single word and seconds later the aliens vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared.

It took me some time to get used to getting implanted (knowing when that was happening) but I soon found out the feeling of it when got visited by a race of eagle faces which was very benevolent and beautiful and which placed me several implants but asked me for permission first. After that visitation I started knowing when implants were being placed on me. This happened on 20.Oct.2000: They were such beautiful and friendly creatures and I passed my hands gently over them showing all my love. We were having a fantastic chat. The eagle faces placed me 3 new implants. One in each wrist and one on the left side of my head close to the jugular vein or whatever it is called. This last implant produced pain and I told them that and I saw them using a device on the pain spot. When he approached my head I thought in the word "remove" because I was scared that he was removing the implants and he read my mind and asked me "remove?" and I explained the situation and that I didn’t want them removed nor was going to remove them, that I just wanted physical evidence because people were saying I was crazy, nothing more. I also asked these lovely and talkative eagle faces if their implants were detectable with x-rays and they said they were. For some moments after the visitation finished I had a strange feeling in the place where the last implant was placed…

On 30.Oct.2000 I was possibly visited by aliens and a kind of self-mutilating message appeared on my mind over and over and over again saying: "REMOVE ME ALL THE IMPLANTS" with EXTREMELY strength. After I noticed what was happening I tried to deny the sentence but it was too late and only after a pill I was capable of returning to bed and terminate with the sentence. I asked several aliens who appeared on new experiences and to my telepath friend Jean Berger from France (Commander Tielnec Sheran of the Ashtar Command) and they all confirmed – all my implants were gone and that against my TRUE will. An alien told me that the only way to get them back was to get them the same way I got them before. After that I had more self-mutilating sentences, until something was done to my brain by a group of nice aliens, and it is possible that I lost more implants. I wanted implants so badly so that I could be traceable 24 hours per day and thus making easier for a physical contact to happen the moment I would step into an empty area of the country. Tielnec Sheran also told me how many implants I had at the time I talked with him and he said I just had one placed by a benevolent race and, in fact, it matched one experience I had after I had lost all my implants.

On 5.Jul.2011 I was sleeping and suddenly entered OBE state. I was in by bed and was surrounded by invisible entities who were sticking and connecting things on my body. I had the feeling they were small beings like the greys and I was able to touch the hand of one of them. The things they were doing to me caused a lot of pain and it felt like they were sticking needles in me. After several years without experiences of this kind, it happened again which made me scared about the possible return of those.

The aliens, psychologically, can be divided in 3 main groups:
  - Benevolent ones.
  - Negative ones. Eg: Greys, Reptoids
  - Indifferent ones.

A possible answer to how visitations happen:
I now have a clearer idea of how visitations happen: I project myself in the Astral Plane or higher dimensions and that is where they happen with me outside my physical body using the etheric one.
I now know that visitations happen in at least 3 ways:
   a) Multidimensional portals;
   b) Virtual portals;
   c) Spaceships.

I got confirmation of the multidimensional portals on 14.Jan.2001 by a Nordic alien girl who also told me they would visit me from time to time to see how I was doing. I am not an expert in multidimensional portals but I do know that I saw aliens coming out of my bedroom’s physical walls like the walls didn’t exist and once I even saw an ellipse device appearing on my left side when I was in bed and out of the device came a human alien. I once was visited too by aliens and I talked with one of them who didn’t even know which planet I was from (the Orionic mentioned before). All this and more, such as aliens shaking their heads negatively when I asked them if they could visit me in other houses if I moved, made me suspect about the theory of the multidimensional portals but it took several months for the confirmation and some aliens attempted to hide the truth from me... all visitations happen while I am in a state half awaken/half asleep or something close to that. Sometimes I am having OBEs or Lucid Experiences and a head of an alien appears as a shadow or the image freezes and when I open my eyes the alien(s) are there.

On 31.Jan.2002 I attempted very hard to get into a portal with the aliens but the results were negative like in all my previous attempts: I asked a birdlike alien to take me with him, I saw him picking me up from bed and I entered a Lucid Experience state. After realising they weren't taking me anywhere I aborted the Lucid Experience and found myself back in my bed and I told the bird-alien: "That was just a dream". And he replied: "Dream and Reality is the Same. Marco, that is how you learn the game". I told him: "But I want to be with real Extraterrestrials" and he said loud: "THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE" and vanished.

On 10.Oct.2002 I was allowed to enter a virtual portal by human alien beings and I appeared inside a spaceship in Orion. I was told a term which only weeks later I read in one of Adamski’s books. I was in a corridor with big rectangular windows seeing space and stars. I asked him where we were and he asked one of the people passing by and then told me it was Orion and I repeated it in English.

I also found out that one of the portals, the one behind my bed, led to the underworld and I was capable of closing it at least twice thanks to messengers who taught me how, but I found out that my bedroom was loaded with portals and that no matter how much I closed them, sometimes they would reappear open. Sometimes the portals would appear in walls and other times the walls would be empty (solid rock). I also met my guardian angel, LAHHEL, a brunette girl who using the silver cord saved me from troubles several times. I also discovered that I could get out of bed during alien visitations and move myself in the astral plane around my house.

The underworld, according to an entity who came from it, was defined as being a negative place but with lots of sex and where people wore diapers. Most of my visitations were probably of beings from the underworld or from other negative places around the Universes. To me, the underworld seemed just like a bunch of caves under the ground since I visited it several times in OBE experiences either by entering the portals or guided by my guardian angel. Yes, after a long time trying, sometimes I was capable of entering portals but I didn't get much knowledge from accomplishing that.

I was after the main portal to the underworld in the hope of closing all dark portals. I had several visions with the guidance of LAHHEL which were like tips and I believe to have found it on 22.Nov.2002 but LAHHEL didn't allow me to touch it and therefore I didn’t know how to close it. I asked for help and some messengers, white birdlike aliens, who appeared a few days later showed me how to close it but that wasn’t the end of my problems. This big portal was different from the others: there was some sort of control panel in order to control it. The portal was in a wall, there was some kind of small entrance (tunnel) with a dead end to reach that portal. When I attempted to touch that portal, LAHHEL blocked my steps using the silver cord. I was trying to walk but couldn’t advance and was moving my feet in the same place.

During all these years of experiences I also had some prophetic visions, like a gate with a demon head on the top and the symbol of small horses at the bottom left. Bryon Smith told me that this symbol represented the power of the Beast.

I also called for my spirit guide during sleep and met two entities on 20.Nov.2002, both human with a dark skin colour like the inhabitants from India. I asked what my mission on Earth was and the first entity talked in a language I couldn’t understand and in the 2nd experience, with the other similar looking entity, I was told that my mission was to be like the other humans of Earth and that I must lose my obsessions.

Multidimensional Portals:
Multidimensional portals are "doors" from/to other worlds and/or dimensions.

The multidimensional portals which I found in my house during sleep in higher dimensions appeared on walls.

Sometimes the walls were solid rock but, other times, I could feel a kind of entrance on the walls.

Sometimes while entering a portal there was a kind of electrical shock which caused pain to some degree... there was something strange with its vibrational level.

Entities told me that the multidimensional portals were dangerous and I also recall a human looking entity saying that they could burn the "transformer" (brain).

How to close normal portals:
Closing portals is always a race against time because, if one gets delayed, the experience in the astral plane will end before we have time for the task.

During experiences, on 3.Nov.2002, I was laying in my bed and I passed my hands in the border inside the portal behind my bed and found some buttons which I clicked and then a lever which I moved and something happened to the portal and I could see the inside of it from my bed. I asked if it was closed and a female entity said it was just off or disconnected.

I found out how to close normal multidimensional portals on 5.Nov.2002 partly by luck and partly with the help of two birdlike entities which showed me the process.

To close a normal multidimensional portal I inserted my hands in the portal, pressed a few buttons in the bottom border to turn it off and then I grabbed the bottom of the portal from the outside and pushed it up and heard a crash then I ripped it all to pieces. It felt like a blue elastic tissue rolling in my hands as I pushed it up.

Another way I found was to run to the veranda of my living room and the window was open with lots of sun and I placed the portal in my hands outside and the sun destroyed part of it and the other part I threw away to the outside.

Sometimes I also had problems because the portal was getting elastic and falling over me every time I grabbed it in the bottom and pushed it up to break it after turning it off.


Above are bedroom photos taken in October 2002 of the places where the portals were. The red ones are multidimensional ones and the two green ones are virtual portals. During time, more portals appeared and were found.

My favourite alien races:
Most of the alien races who visited me were not human although their shape was humanoid in most cases. From all these races there were some I felt attracted to more than others. Some of my most favourite alien races I named as "Eagle Faces" because they were humanoid beings with bird faces:

- Yellow long beaks
- Very talkative

- Short beaks and white head
- Very silent

- Short beaks
- Darker than the grey/white eagles
- Very silent

- Long beaks
- Black/dark brown
- Very silent

- Short beaks and grey head
- Very silent


   The reason why all those years have gone by and there aren't still drawings of the Eagle Faces is because hypnosis can be
   dangerous to me because I have altered states of consciousness. I was planning to draw their images during hypnosis. Also,
   in February of 1999 I tried hypnosis and it didn't work on me.

It was one of these races that helped me with an alien girl. Several alien women were trying to impersonate her and when I asked for the help of that eagle face, he scanned my memory and some time later he returned with the girl and implants were placed on me (which I no longer have) so that our contact was never lost.

I was told by a friend that the reason why I was having so many visitations done by birdlike aliens would probably be of a very strong connection with the Pleiades, that even my country name was connected with the Pleiades.

The status of my calls:
Presently I lost control over the calls since the races I call during altered states of consciousness most of the times aren’t the ones visiting me anymore. Also, now-a-days, I am not much into calling races anymore because I started getting visited by negative entities and even one person who channelled benevolent aliens refused to help me, saying there were too many negative forces involved.

I always thought that I had got rid of all bad entities but one day (28.Dec.2000) I had a warning from a benevolent alien. He appeared with the shape of a donkey and was sticking things in my chest. Later he changed to a human shape and we chatted a little. He told me that he appeared as a donkey because that was how I imagined him in two dreams I had (which I don’t remember having) and told me that most of the races I was getting along with were bad races. When I asked him about me being offered the gift of telepathy by God or Light Beings he said he wouldn’t believe in that happening and, when I asked him about his opinion regarding my calling sentences used at the time, he said they were stupid.

Meditation about ways of becoming in physical contact with the aliens:
Around June 2005 I was analysing the possibilities of becoming in physical contact with the aliens and, after a lot of thinking, I came to two possible ways of that happening:
1) One way was to find out the Hot Zones in Portugal and go there now and then. "Hot Zones" or "Hot Spots" are the places with more sightings or more UFO activity. I read in the book "Inside the Space Ships" that Adamski did this way in order to attempt physical contact and one day he was rewarded for his efforts. I could phone investigator friends in order to attempt to find the places and then, I could go there and use my UFO Detector. There are a few things to take into consideration regarding Hot Zones:  a) What procedures to have there;  b) If there is a place for the UFOs to land;  c) Best time to be there; d) The number of sightings in that place per month or year.

On a weekend in July 2005, me and some investigators had a vigil in Montejunto mountain. We arrived there at around 10pm and left in the other day at around 6-7am. It was fantastic! We spent the night moving around with flashlights. We didn't see nor detect any UFOs but we saw orbs which are balls of energy which I was told to be extraterrestrial probes. It was so cold and there was so much fog that sometimes we weren't able to see the moon nor the stars. I also had a lesson about the ruins at Montejunto.

2) The other possible way was to contact an important organisation which investigators claimed to be in contact with the aliens. Several governmental organisations are, but some are dangerous to contact. So I decided to write to Mr. Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, in order to try my luck. I came to the conclusion that he was the most powerful person on Earth since the UN represented all nations. On 7.Jun.2005 I sent a physical letter to him explaining and asking for help. I was certain that, even if he couldn't help me, there should be other persons in the UN who could. Weeks later the reply arrived... a generic reply letter thanking me for writing to the secretary-general and saying they couldn't help me with my issue and that they don't give financial support to individuals or organisations without the consent of the organisation (I didn't ask for any financial help, so this probably means they didn't bother to read my letter carefully, but at least they were kind enough to reply).

I meditated a lot and it is possible that in a physical contact with the aliens, if we are taken aboard their ship, that they will let us choose between leaving with them for good or return to Earth again and continue with our normal life. I believe my selection would be the first option. It isn't an easy choice since lots of things are involved... but it is the choice I would take. It is better to ascend to a higher plane than living a useless life on this one. But, there is always the possibility of the aliens letting us return to Earth while keeping a more permanent connection, like offering telepathy or other source of making future contact possible.

Project Vixen:
In July 2012 I was chatting on Freenode IRC server with Dan Frederiksen and I initialized "Project Vixen" which had the purpose of trying to find evidence for my experiences during sleep.

After some conversation it was decided that I would record myself during sleep with my web camera in order to check if there was physical activity during the experiences.

I was told to get a led lamp for my bed table lamp so that my web camera could record with low light.

Bryon Smith told me that, even if no entity was seen, at least it would be possible to see myself.

On Sunday (15.Jul.2012) I made my first attempt and recorded two hours of DVD-Quality video of my nap during the afternoon.

I was lucky and had very short experiences during sleep but I watched the video and I saw myself moving my arms but it was inconclusive, since I remember waking up to see the time in which the experience happened.

Bryon advised me to use a camcorder with night vision to try to catch paranormal activity. I decided that around Christmas or later I would try to buy one since at the present time I was kind of broke, and my actual camcorder is quite old and only records in digital tapes in 4:3.

(Photo dated from 15.Jul.2012)





People and Friendship:

I have decided to place here two topics, one about women and the other about a theory of friendship which I wrote back in the 1990s but only now I am sharing.

I like women mainly with blue/green eyes, blonde hair, great body, big breasts and very nice, friendly, intelligent and beautiful. There were only four girls I loved truly in my whole life.

The 1st one was on my 12th grade but she hated me. It was my first true love and it hurt a lot and I never wanted to go through that again. She was a beautiful girl with brown hair and very liked by the persons surrounding her but she had a cold heart.

The 2nd one I met in 1999 and I still love her a lot but my feelings can never be like those in the first love. She is a blonde girl with greenish eyes and is very beautiful, friendly, nice, caring and intelligent and I am sure that all the surrounding people are attracted by all her qualities.

In the human alien girls, visiting me in the Astral Plane or higher dimensions during sleep, I found my 3rd love and got divided between my Earth love who is here and my space loves who were far away and could only visit me for very little time now and then. Most of the human alien girls I have been with were brunettes but I have also been with blondes and also with a black one. One of them was very strange and now and then a very high light would come out of her chest in a rotating way lighting my bedroom. I asked several of the alien girls where they were from and some claimed to be from Mars or Venus. One of the girls from Mars also had a light in her chest but it was smaller than the first time I saw such a light.

In my search for knowledge and answers, I attempted to ask the alien girls for that. But it seems they didn't want to share their knowledge and that they were only interested in sex, because they would go away when asked for knowledge.

In 2003 I read the George Adamski book "Inside the Space Ships" and it had there reports about human beings from both Mars, Venus and also Saturn. This made me feel even more confident about the veracity of my experiences.

The 4th girl I met in 2006. I am not sure anymore if I can call love to my attraction for her since love is hard for me to define now-a-days. But I do feel something about her. She is also a blonde girl with brown eyes and I have been a loyal "customer" all over these years, resorting to professional services. This way I can stay free and have time for my personal life.

On 17.May.2011 I saw Professor LF at the supermarket and he said that, better than resorting to professional services, would be to pay to female co-workers the same amount in order to have relations with them several times per month and still have no bondings so that I can be free. It was a very good idea but I am not brave enough to ask for that.

When we love someone or something really truly we must love it with all our heart, body and soul.

The Pyramids of Friendship:
In the 1990s, while I was writing my unreleased philosophy book, I also wrote about this subject and decided to share here a small part of it.

In almost every places we have friends and acquaintances but in each place there are persons who represent more to us than others, for whom we feel a better affection and admiration.

I tried then to do a hierarchical representation in different scales, different pyramids, of some of my friendships, creating what I denominated of "Pyramids of Friendship".

There are then several pyramids according to the kind of friendship. The co-workers represent one, the school/university colleagues others, the neighbours other, the women other and so on - some persons are in several pyramids simultaneously.

The perspective of the pyramid is very simple: close to the base there are many persons for whom we feel a higher or lower degree of indifference but, as we move closer to the top, higher are the feelings of friendship relating them and fewer persons are there and those, at the top, are the pillars of the whole pyramid thus if one leaves, the whole pyramid falls apart and loses its meaning.

The Pyramids of Friendship were a way of organizing my friendships back in the 1990s and it could also be used now-a-days but now it is harder to use since I have countless friends all around the world.


I wrote a few books in the past, at least four that I can remember of: one of Radical Philosophy, other about a new Amiga computer, the 3rd about aliens and the 4th a guide about University techniques. None of them were published commercially, they were written for fun as I enjoy creating and sharing. If possible, I will try to release even more books in the future to share with others. I also wrote several documents but only some of them were made available to the public.

I also like to translate things. In the past I translated several Websites, documentation and software. Indeed, translating is one of my favourite hobbies. I have always translated for free and I plan on continuing to do so in the future. Of course that, since I translate for free, I only translate things which I consider important for mankind.
It is a gift I have and I share it with mankind. Besides, if I don't translate things myself, someone less qualified will do it someday.

In the Summer of 2007 I updated my dictionary collection by buying some Oxford dictionaries and also more recent editions of other dictionaries I already had. I spent a lot of cash in books (over €200), but improving my English is worth every cent, because it will make my translations more accurate and will also help me understand better the books I read and to communicate better with English speaking people.

I began 2012 with two new dictionaries to help me in my translations: an Idiomatic one, and a Proverbs one, both in Portuguese-Brazilian. These kinds of books are very hard to find but I managed to do it after over 10 years searching for them.

As far as I can remember, I believe that one of my first translations (if not the first) was the International version of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP 2.6.3i) back in 1997. If I well remember I even coded a small program in AMOS PRO to convert the characters to Amiga format automatically, which means that I made a version for two platforms: Amiga and PC. This was a version of PGP without a GUI and the commands needed to be typed by hand. Later, a Windows version of PGP was released and I quit being the translator since, for what I was told, the new versions needed to be compiled by the translator and I didn't have the software needed to do so nor the time to learn how to use the software.

My biggest site translation was the help documents of the IRC network DALnet... it was quite a challenge. There were several file types, from XML to HTML and I had to edit them properly using UTF-8 format. It took me around a year to have the translation done and it became very good.

Telepathy - The Cosmic or Universal Language
I also translated a book written by George Adamski in the 1950s called "Telepathy – The Cosmic or Universal Language".

I first released a 1st Edition (31.Jan.2005) based mostly on the Spanish version of the book compared with the original one, which didn't turn out very well. Yes, it took me around a year and the translation after all had low quality because the Spanish version had the meaning of most sentences changed. I found out how bad the translation was because later I decided to recheck my entire translation based on the original version and I found out that there were lots of mistakes and different meanings...

Later (14.May.2006) I released a 2nd Edition with several improvements which was also not published.

I am glad that both Editions weren't released to the public as I started working on a better 3rd Edition (started in January 2008)
I finished this translation on 19.Apr.2009 and this edition became very solid. I thought it would be put to print in 2009/2010 by the George Adamski Foundation International but that didn't happen.

In the Summer of 2011 I started working on the 4
th Edition (2012.2) of the book since I had new insights to improve even more my translation. I was planning to finish this edition in the second half of 2012 but was busy with my studies.

Around the end of April 2009 I installed 3 on my PC.

According to the official site:
" is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.
That means you are free to download it, free to install it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies to as many people as you like. You may use for any purpose without restriction: private, educational, public administration, commercial... Free, really free. is the result of over twenty years' continuous high quality software engineering. Designed from the start as a single piece of software, has a consistency and a quality that is world class. Its open-source development model means there are no secrets.

Easy-to-use, easy to choose, easy to install, easy to learn - is the easy choice for an office software suite. is suitable for complete beginners, but if you have used any other office software, that's ok too. will make full use of what you already know - through familiar screens and menus - and also what you have - by reading existing files with no retyping."

Apache OpenOffice is similar to Microsoft Office but it is open-source and it is getting more and more powerful and I decided to contribute to the improvement of this fantastic software. With my help things can only get better.

In just a couple of weeks I was able to find 100+ words not available in the Portuguese speller and I sent them to the persons in charge. I will always do my best trying to find more words. To aid me in that I am using my past translations and also checking Web pages written in Portuguese. I even grabbed physical dictionaries and typed word by word to try to find missing ones.

I even suggested improvements and reported bugs, based on my use of that software and of other software. My experience adds value.

In July 2013 I ordered a huge Portuguese dictionary of synonyms and antonyms to help improve the Portuguese Thesaurus. The book arrived around a week later.

(photo taken on 6.Aug.2013)

In January 2012 I was a member of the Apache OpenOffice mailing list and I suggested there to add some grammar suggestion code, just like Microsoft Office 2010 has.

One of the users told me to use an extension for that called LanguageTool.

I visited the official site and found out that there wasn't a Portuguese version of it, so I offered myself to work on it and I was accepted.

I have been working hard on my free time to add new rules to the extension, basing myself in two grammar books I have and also on the texts which regular persons write on Internet with wrong expressions. Then, I only have to find examples of the sentences on Google and add them to LanguageTool.

This is going to benefit thousands of Portuguese speaking people and I want to make it as good as Microsoft Office 2010, so that people can have the same power with an open-source package.

Proofing Tool GUI:
I developed the tool with this name.

My idea was to develop an easy to use tool for people to work on Hunspell dictionaries, Thesaurus and Hyphenation.

I started using it myself to improve the en_GB dictionary for Mozilla and OpenOffice and also work on the pt_PT Thesaurus, although I still had to add a feature to the tool to create an .IDX file for it.

The Hyphenation wasn't still coded too, due to lack of free time.

I coded the tool in PureBasic since it is a very powerful and easy to use language.

Bryon Smith:
One of my oldest friends and one of my mentors is Bryon Smith:

I got in touch with him back in the 1990s when I was after contact with the aliens at any cost.

Bryon was one of the persons with whom I spoke back then and who oriented me several times.

According to his information in AuthorsDen (used with permission):
"Since he was a young boy, Bryon Smith has had a fascination with the paranormal. After the death of a neighbour, his father bought the house next door and Bryon soon learned the house was haunted by the spirit of the deceased. In 1970 he had a very close encounter with a UFO and so began a life long quest to find the answers relating to these things.

It was this fascination and his warm memories of his childhood on his grandfather's farm that inspired him to apply some of his knowledge of these subjects into The Adventures of Megan Martin.

Over the years, Bryon has held many unusual occupations, including farming, construction work, musician, scuba diving salvage, boat dock design and construction, welder, airport lineman, and professional videographer. He and his family are currently working on a new series of television shows called Spooky Places. He is also involved in adapting his novels to screenplay format.

Today, Bryon lives with his wife and editor, Dawn; his teenage daughter, Laura, who was the inspiration and "technical consultant" for the Megan Martin character; and his youngest daughter, Kristy (model, actress, musician).

Birth Place: Carrolton, IL USA

Accomplishments: Poem 'Nebula' - Award of Recognition and printed in 'Voices of Many Lands' compilation 1995.
Poem 'Nebula' - printed in 'Musings' compilation 1995"

I have all six "Megan Martin" novels written by Bryon:



My interest regarding astrology has been increasing over the years.

For thousands of years that civilisations use Astrology making use of celestial bodies positions to try to predict things.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac and mine is
Aquarius. Twelve is a magic number which is also the number of stars used in the European Union flag.

"… To You,
Aquarius, I give the concept of future so that through You, Man may see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I won’t allow You to personalise My love. In order that You may turn the human looks in direction to new possibilities, I give You the gift of Freedom so that free, You may continue to serve mankind wherever it may be…"
(Original of Martin Schulman – Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation)



The following information regarding my Astrological sign, Aquarius, has been taken and translated from Clix's site and used with their permission.

The reason why I chose this particular text is that I identify myself with it.

Clix is one of the best and cheapest Portuguese Internet Services Providers.

Please visit their site at:

General characteristics:
Period: 20th of January to 18th of February
Regent Planet: Saturn
Element: Air
Quality: Static
Polarity: Masculine
Capital Sin: Pride
Complementary Sign: Leo
Psychological Opposite: Scorpio
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Colours: Blue, Black, Turquoise, Indigo, Garish Colours, Violet, Gray, Red
Metals: Aluminium, Platinum, Uranium, Lead
Astrological House: XI
Season: Winter
Tarot Card: The Star
Temperament: Sanguine
Precious Stones: Amethyst, Marine-Water, Emerald, Lapis - Lazuli, Indian Sapphire, Quartzes, Turquoise, Opal
Flowers and Plants: Orchid, Willow, Poppy, Violet, Jasmine, Black Tulip, Exotic or Rare Flowers, Myrrh
Animals: Owl, Crow, Eel, Monkey, Car, Exotic Birds, Real Peacock, Flamingo
Perfumes: Thyme, Violet, Rose, Balsam from Turkey, Jasmine
Characteristic Numbers: 1, 7, 3, 4
Music: New Age
Psychic Potential: Sudden Revelations
Keywords: I know, Independent, Human
Symbols: The Water Bearer


"The natives of this sign aren't easy to get along with nor monotonous. Although sometimes they may look cold, distant and the most individualists of all signs of the Zodiac, the natives of
Aquarius are also the most humanitarian and their acts of kindness are many.

For them, friendship is a stron
g and indestructible feeling which, sometimes, becomes more important than love itself. But, for their friendship to become eternal, it is required that their friends can follow their mad rhythm of living. Very attractive, the Aquarius are gifted with enviable benevolence and comprehension and have an enormous capacity to accept people just the way they are.

For them, feelings come first, then friendship, intelligence and in the end physical attraction; although they can't stand the idea of getting stuck, when they are in love they give themselves to the maximum and the human warm they feel for their friends is doubled regarding the loved one.

Some are too independent and struggle hard in life a two, because they need their own space. When they feel chained and with the freedom they preserve so much threatened, their reaction is to run far away.

They can hardly adapt themselves to others' habits and don't tolerate at all any invasions of privacy. If they are not careful, they risk living in loneliness. The sign of
Aquarius represents the future, modernity, forefront of thinking and, as hard as it may seem, rigid convictions. Owners of an advanced mind, the natives of this sign like to break away from everything which is old and move towards what it is to come. They are always facing the future, loving everything which is a novelty and they are, without any doubt, anti-conventional. Many times, their huge will to change and get rid of the routine, may make them waste good moments, either professional or affective.

Born leaders and gifted with an intelligence almost always brilliant, they are sometimes too eccentric, evidencing certain rebel attitudes which may even go against certain rules and laws. They love the laws just so that they may change them and, once established, it will be necessary to recheck them so that they won't become obsolete. In case there isn't any renewal, the first consequence could be rebellion and, sometimes, they tend to show a certain repugnance for this so monotonous world; even if it is only for them to be different, they like to always navigate in the opposite direction of the crowd. To attenuate this trend they should appeal to planet Saturn, which instigates to attitudes a little more traditional. To this sign, the notion of collectivity is stronger than any other, because it represents the union of different people towards a common goal. Many associate themselves with Unions, civic groups, cooperatives and movements that involve new projects, which defend freedom, solidarity and democracy. Without doubt that the influence of Uranus is well visible here. The natives of this sign are a complete sea of ideas and are always dreaming, planning, and may sometimes daydream and have a bit vague

Their mind works non stop, dreaming and planning the next minute. Sometimes it is possible for them to lack a little sense of reality, which may turn into an involuntary lack of responsibility, for they let themselves be carried by life without noticing that they don't have a certain route. Everyone becomes fascinated with their originality and their friends compliment their loyalty
restlessly. Very impatient, for them everything is "for yesterday".

Very communicative and sociable, their open mind without prejudices makes them, without any doubt, the most independent and liberal personality of the Zodiac.

They don't let themselves be carried by critics nor conventions, they don't let themselves be intimidated by any kind of obstacles and nothing interferes in their convictions, always getting what they want. Gifted with a very fast reasoning, they have an optimal intuition and a wonderful and utopian vision of the future, as absurd the future may seem to them. Often, they have premonitions which many times make them take the role of "the owner of the truth", which usually gives origin to frictions. Their actions and reactions are, mostly, unpredictable, dictated by the intuition of the moment and fast as lightning. But, sometimes, the
Aquarius may exaggerate... for them, things are either white or black, and when they broadcast an opinion, their radicalism may fright the other interlocutors. They must be careful, not to tire people with their radicalism! They must overcome that trend of shocking others and be from the cons. Although of a mystic look that their intuitive side may show, don't get yourself eluded, for the Aquarius is basically scientific, thinks clearly, in a rational way and they believe that only with scientific bases we can project and invent the future."

The male:
"The Aquarius matches exceptionally elevated ideals, in virtue of a rigid moral code.

In general, his eccentricity captivates being able of truly surprising attitudes. Owner of an almost always brilliant intelligence, the man of
Aquarius always has an unexpected idea, a different play, and life with him is almost always funny and cheerful. But, if it is good to live with him when he is in a good mood, to put up with his bad moments, even short, isn't easy too.

His life is always full of changes, controversies and unexpected happenings. His rhythm of life is huge and he is always concerned about the near future.

In his love life, he isn't a man of easy passions. He would rather have a true solid friendship to intimate involvement. But when that happens he is extremely loyal. It's a pity that most of the times he doesn't even notice the club of female admirers around him. Even if not for pride, vanity, or lack of modesty, but because the man of
Aquarius lives with his head on the clouds, enveloped in dreams and concerned with the future. However, he will have moments of plain tranquillity, unmatchable and impossible to find in any other sign of the Zodiac."