Tips for LibreOffice (Writer)

LibreOffice (LO) is the state of the art free replacement for Microsoft Office.

At the time I update this, LO is currently in V6.0.3.

This "tutorial" should also work with Apache OpenOffice.

There are still some issues with Microsoft's extensions: .docx, .xlsx and .ppsx.
This happens because they are proprietary formats and it is hard to access their data dictionaries.

For the best free Office experience it is important to have:
— LibreOffice
If you have a 64-bit OS, download LO 64-bit.
Download it from:
Download also the offline help.

— Dictionaries
The following dictionaries are the most important ones:
 1) English;
 2) French;
 3) German;
 4) Spanish;
 5) Portuguese.

They can be selected during the installation setup.
The Portuguese default dictionary is the postreform.
You can download the prereform from:

— Quickstarter enabled
It is faster to open LO by automatically loading the libraries while Windows is entering the desktop.
ToolsOptions Generaltick "Load LibreOffice during system start-up"

— Java
Make sure you have Java 8+.
If you are running LO 64-bit, you will require Java 64-bit.
Download the latest Java from:
To enable Java in LO:
ToolsOptionsAdvancedselect to use Java

— LanguageTool
It is the best grammar checker around.
LanguageTool requires Java to work.
Download it from:
Then install the .OXT in LO.

After installing Extensions, select the option to restart LO:

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Last update: 21.May.2018