Installing English/British Dictionaries
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Select where to install the dictionaries:

Firefox, Thunderbird & SeaMonkey OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Firefox opening folder (depending on the browser, this may change slightly):

*If your Firefox has a default download folder, drag the file from that folder into the Desktop, after downloading:


1) Firefox, Thunderbird & SeaMonkey

To install add-ons, one can simply search for them from inside Firefox/Thunderbird.

If you have the GB speller from the other person, remember to uninstall it first because it will conflict with mine.

To install manually, go to the dictionary page and:

1) Save Link As*
(right-click on the "+ Add to Firefox" button)

2) TB/FF: ToolsAdd-onsDictionaries/ExtensionsInstall from file.
(then select the .XPI file from step 1)
You can also drag and drop the .xpi file in the add-ons window.

3) Activating it in TB/FF:
3.1) Thunderbird:
Create a new message and:
(temporary: current e-mail)

Or go to ToolsOptions and:
(permanent: default for all e-mails)

3.2) Firefox:
Right-click in an editable text area and:

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To install manually, go to the dictionary page and:

1) Click on the "Download extension" button

2) After a few seconds, select to save* the .OXT file to hard disk.
(The download starts automatically, DON'T CLICK anywhere until it has started)

3) In Writer, go to ToolsExtension Manager
(Select "Add")

4) Select the .OXT file and it will take a moment to install.

5) Close Writer and the Quickstarter in the trayicon area.

6) Open Writer again and choose the language in the bottom with a right-click.

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Last update: 4.Jun.2018