Installing English/British Dictionaries
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Select where to install the dictionaries:

Firefox, Thunderbird & SeaMonkey OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Firefox opening folder (depending on the browser, this may change slightly):

*If your Firefox has a default download folder, drag the file from that folder into the Desktop, after downloading:


1) Firefox, Thunderbird & SeaMonkey

To install add-ons, one can simply search for them from inside Firefox/Thunderbird.

To install manually, go to the dictionary page and:

1) Save Link As*
(right-click on the "+ Add to Firefox" button)

2) TB/FF > Tools > Add-ons > Dictionaries/Extensions > Install from file.
(then select the .XPI file from step 1)

3) Activating it in TB/FF:
3.1) Thunderbird:
Create a new message and:
(temporary: current e-mail)

Or go to Tools > Options and:
(permanent: default for all e-mails)

3.2) Firefox:
Right-click in a textbox and:


To install manually, go to the dictionary page and:

1) Click on the "Download extension" button

2) After a few seconds, select to save* the .OXT file to hard disk.
(The download starts automatically, DON'T CLICK anywhere until it has started)

3) In Writer, go to Tools > Extension Manager
(Select "Add")

4) Select the .OXT file and it will take a moment to install.

5) Close Writer and the Quickstarter in the trayicon area.

6) Open Writer again and choose the language in the bottom with a right-click.

Last update: 16.Nov.2017