en_GB — British Dictionary — Forked by Marco A.G.Pinto

Welcome to the forked version of the British speller.

Since no one cared about updating the speller (a free project that gives a lot of effort) I took the task myself.

I grabbed the original project and started adding/removing/fixing words. I kept the original authors credits and added my name.

I have created the ultimate speller, better than most commercial ones. It encompasses several fields of knowledge, from simple to complex words.

It doesn't matter your religion, sex, age or academic background, everyone should have access to all words equally for free.

I am improving the speller to the maximum since I am testing it on the field:
Most of my e-mails are in English, so I see the typo reports and try to find if it is really typos or missing words.

I have also been pasting webpages from newspapers, TV channels and such to see which words are flagged.

To make sure the words I add are the correct ones, I have been looking for them in credible sources such as:
 1) Oxford Dictionaries;
 2) Collins Dictionary;
 3) Macmillan Dictionary;
 4) Wiktionary (used with caution );
 5) Wikipedia (used with caution );
 6) Physical dictionaries.

In January 2015 I purchased an "Oxford Gold Account" to have a higher access in Oxford Dictionaries.

I am also involved on several projects with a specific jargon having added some "special" words.

I have been told to use scripts to update the dictionary, but I am adding the words with copy/paste after checking them in the dictionaries mentioned above. This is slower and harder but the results are much better and accurate.

Some words are chiefly American and, in such cases, I only add them if there is no British correspondent.

About ize/ise:
Just like in other languages, some words can be written differently. Since Oxford says some words are valid both ways, I kept both and let the user decide which he prefers. A good example is: "online" and "on-line".

Main difficulties developing this dictionary:
 1) Proper names;
 2) Possessive forms;
 3) Plurals.

I hope that people will enjoy my work and that it may be useful to the progress of mankind.

Kind regards from:
Marco A.G.Pinto
Master of Science in Information Warfare/Competitive Intelligence;
Open-Source Activist;
Software Developer;

Last update: 21.Feb.2018