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In 2012, he was the first civilian to complete the military masters and, in 2017, the first one to compute the Information Metric.

Master of Science in Information Warfare, by Academia Militar Portuguesa in 2012, with the average: 16/20 (Very good). Dissertation grade "Relativist Theory of Cyberterrorism": 18/20 (Excellent). He was the first civilian to complete the course.

Marco speaking The first slide of my presentation. The person in the cover is not a terrorist but a friend from Pakistan who let me use his photo
(Master's defence — 27.Sep.2012)

Marco has a
degree in
Computer Science Management, by Universidade Moderna de Lisboa in 1999, with the average: 14/20 (Good).

A life dedicated to computers:
In 1986, aged 12, he initiated his life in the world of computers with the acquisition of a computer TC 2048. He soon began coding in BASIC, later in Z80 Assembly, reading British speciality magazines and corresponding with many people.

In 1991, he moved to the Amiga platform where he coded shareware and freeware. He even received a proposal from a Norwegian company to market one of his shareware programs that came in the cover disk of a popular British magazine.

With the bankruptcy of Commodore in the 1990s, the Amiga computer was no longer manufactured and lost popularity. His activity as a coder almost ceased altogether.

In university, he entered the world of PCs and adapted himself very easily to the computer and software due to his computer background.

In July 2001 he returned to coding as a hobby to the PC using the DarkBASIC language, similar to the Amiga AMOS. He founded the international group "Team SpecNG" with the purpose of remaking ZX Spectrum games to the PC.

In January 2012 he began to code in the language BlitzMax for Windows, Linux and Mac. This language was hard to use, the documentation poor and the technical support in the forum bad.

In March 2013 he moved to the language PureBasic, whose documentation and operation were much better than in BlitzMax.

Beta tester/QA of various software, where it stands out:
— AmigaOS 3.5 & 3.9 to the company HAAGE & PARTNER;
— Commodore OS Vision 1.0 to the company Commodore USA, LLC;
— Mozilla Thunderbird;
— LibreOffice.

Participated in the translation of texts/manuals from English to Portuguese: Pretty Good Privacy 2.6.3i, Gpg4win, OpenSlides, LanguageTool, DVD2one​, DALnet, parts of the site of Alex Chiu, etc. Good knowledge of translating using Pootle and Transifex.

Responsible for the Portuguese rules of the grammar checker LanguageTool for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Firefox, Thunderbird and Chrome.

Developer of the Hunspell tool Proofing Tool GUI to edit dictionaries, thesauri, hyphenation and autocorrect. "Forked" the British dictionary on 25.Aug.2013 adding 30'000+ words to this date. This was made available to OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Improved the Portuguese autocorrect for OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

Last update: 10.Sep.2017